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Thanks for looking, I'm having a problem with a computer I'm building for a teacher at school and I really hope I can solve it. Here's the parts, all of them were bought from online retailers.

Thermaltake Armor case
Antec Truepower 550W
Athlon X2 4400+
Asus A8R32-MVP Deluxe
2GB Kit OCZ Platinum DDR400 memory
Radeon x1800 crossfire edition
Radeon x1800xt
Seagate 500gb SATA barracuda
X-FI Sound blaster
BenQ 1655 DVD burner
Song DVD Rom

I'm not an expert on computer building, but I have built my own computer. My friend and I slowly assembled everything. Here's some of the issues that we encountered.

When my friend was handling the cpu heatsink, he accidently put his finger on the thermal grease and there is a fingerprint and a very tiny area without grease but thats it.

We installed the 9 standoffs hex screw things for the mobo. The mobo is supposed to be placed right on top of the 9 standoffs right?

We are not sure if we correctly connected the case plugs that go into the mobo at the bottom. (power button, speaker, lights, etc.) Theres no way to tell which side of the plug is + or -.
When we tried to install the usb plugs of the case, the instructions are to plug a certain plug into a certain number. There is a 1 on the bottom left plug on the mobo to show that's number 1, but we dont' know which is number 2. We guessed it was like this:
2 4 6
1 3 5 7

The power button, reset button, and case speaker do not work when connected to the mobo. My friend got the idea of plugging those plugs into the mobo of another computer we had, and they work. We still dont' know what's the problem.

We finally installed everything including the dual radeon cards. The only monitor we had was a very old Dell CRT monitor. The video card had only DVi plugs, but we used an adaptor and plugged the monitor to the Crossfire edition card. We turn it on, and all the fans turn. The mobo led is green. The lights on the video card turn on. The problem is the monitor doesn't show the screen. The light on the monitor stays at orange. There are no beeps, probably because the speaker isn't working. The monitor DOES work when we plug it into an older p4 (or p3, not sure) computer.

Is it possible that the radeonx1800xt doesn't support the old monitor? I have tried using only 1 memory stick and moving it to different primary (blue) DIMM slots. Could it be the fact that we have both crossfire cards plugged in? I have tried unplugging the non-master crossfire, the hard drives and cd-roms, still the same problem. That's all I can think of concerning the problem right now. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Thanks for the reply wusy. I know that the speaker works because we plugged it into another mobo and it beeps. It is possible that it is plugged incorrectly into the mobo somehow. The 4 speaker pins go in the top four right plugs so that can't be wrong. It might be upside down, is there a way to tell? I see no way of identifying which is the left pin and which is the right pin.
  2. "We installed the 9 standoffs hex screw things for the mobo. The mobo is supposed to be placed right on top of the 9 standoffs right?

    Please ensure the standoffs are placed in the case only where appropriate and corresponding mounting holes in the mainboard extra one underneath the mb wil quickly short it out.
  3. can you try a different and newer monitor?
  4. I've tried plugging in into a different monitor but it still doens't work. I've also tried running with differnt ram, ram in different slots, and no ram. I've tried running it without a video card. The case speaker plug must be correct because i've tried it upside down and rightside up. Still the same problem ,no beep and no display. I've also tried clearing the CMOS

    Asus tech support told me to try a different power supply and test the cpu with a different motherboard. I'm not able to do that right now, but I'll try it later. Could the only possibility be a faulty PSU, CPU, or MOBO? I can't imagine what else could be the problem.

    edit: I've also tried running the motherboard when it is outside the case.
  5. Have u connected the 4 pin to the motherboard? Make sure u have both the 20 pin and the 4 pin connected to the motherboard.

    As u know, it really helps to have the case speaker working, so double check and make sure its right.

    Since u have the board outside the case, test the board w/ just the cpu and the MB installed (and the case power and speaker connectd to mb), and u should get a series of beeps (MB telling u that no ram/video installed). If not, flip the speaker lead and try that. Again if no beeps, then its probably psu, mb, or cpu... my guess is the MB first then PSU if everything is new. Try the PSU and cpu in another Socket 939 board if u have 1 around, or another cpu / psu w/ the Asus board if u have 1 around. Else RMA.

    Edit: If u get the board, psu and cpu to work (beeping), then add in 1stick of ram or 2 if dual channel, but start with 1 video card and make sure u connect the pci-e power plug or the ez plug for the MB. Boot and it should go into bios. Add a HDD and install.

    Opteron 170 270x10 @ 1.4125v Scythe Mine HSF
    Asus A8n32-sli bios 1103
    Evga 7800 GT CO 450/1100
    2x 36 gb WD raptors raid 0
    Creative X-FI xtrememusic
    OCZ plat eb 2x1GB pc 4000 @ 225 mhz 2.5-3-3-7 @ 2.7v
    Antec TPII 550W PSU
  6. Yes, both the 24 pin and 4 pinpower plugs are in. I've tried flipping the speaker upside down and still nothing. I should also mention that the power button and reset button dont' work either. The HHD light works. I tried tapping the power pins with a screwdriver and it still doesn't work.

    When I turn the power supply switch on, the mobo turns on. I can't use the case power switch to turn it on or off.
  7. Ouch. Sounds like a problem with the board since u have checked the case connections w/ another board and know they are working fine. Since u have probably triple checked the case connections w/ the Asus board by now and sorted out the +/- issues, it would be a good idea to look into getting either a refund, exchange or start working on a RMA for the board. Let us know how it turns out.

    Just curious, how'd u boot the computer w/o the case connections working?

  8. The mobo turns on automatically when I turn on the power supply switch. I'm going to take the mobo and cpu to a friend to test them. If I can find out which one is defective, I'll try to return it. I bought both of them from ZipZoomFly, will I have any issues trying to get a return? I'm have not bought from them before. Also, does their 15% restocking fee apply to defective returned items? Thanks for the help.
  9. It's been a while but I finally got a replacement motherboard. It is brand new and the same model. I have not tried it yet, What I'm concerned with right now is avoiding messing up this motherboard. I am not completely sure whether the last mobo was dead on arrival, or I did something wrong. I took it to guy's house where he tested the mobo, and he noticed that although the power and fans turn on, the cpu heatsink doesn't get hot, probably meaning the mobo isn't supplying power to the cpu?

    Does anyone know the cause of this problem and whether it is a DOA related problem, or one caused by incorrect hardware installation? I just want to know so it won't happen again.
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