SB Audigy Value soundcard on 240W psu

well i posted somthin similar like twice on the other sections, but didnt really get my answer for the soundcard part so here it is again,
my friend has this 240w psu and he needs an agp vga card and a soundcard, so we thought we'll probably get a 6200 or 6600/LE/GT,
and the specs of his computer that we currently know is:

Pentium 4 3.0GHz (probably a prescott)
512MB DDR2 (2x256M) RAM
1x DVD-RW (manufactured by Hp i think)

now all i want to know is if the SB Audigy Value soundcard would still be supported coz 240W seems a bit less
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  1. All things PSU related are rather nebulous, same thing for the audio amplifier community. There is no agreed on common measurement which leads to comparison problems.

    However, 240W sounds a bit low in today's PSUs. The important thing is the total output on the 12V rails. 150W on 12V rails should be the bare mininimum these days to run a medium range computer with no hiccups.
  2. The computer should be okay. It is pushing the power supply a bit. I'm also assuming you will have just one optical drive and just one hard drive. More drives could push the requirement up as well.
  3. The box for my 6600GT states that a 350W PSU minimum is required.....
  4. Quote:
    The box for my 6600GT states that a 350W PSU minimum is required.....

    ....which is a general suggestion because they have no idea how much the 12V rails on your PSU puts out...


  5. I would suggest checking out what this PSU calculator has to say about wattage requirements.
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