How do I get the network login dialog in XP pro

I have a 2 pc network, one old pc with win2k pro and a new one with XP pro. The one with win2k pro used to be on a different network that I had. When I go list the shares on the win2k box from 'My Network Places' from the XP box I get a network login dialog box that wants a local user to the win2k box's login, I find this to be very cool and would like to have the same thing happen when I list the contents of the XP pro box from the win2k box. I'm pretty sure I set that up by modifying a policy in user and group policies or local security policies that I learned about on some windows networking tips page that's no longer there. So I've been all over the policies on the XP box but I can't find anything that does that, although I found a bunch of different policies that keep it from having its contents listed at all. Where is that bastard?

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  1. This occurs because the Guest account is disabled on Win2k. On WinXP the guest account is enabled because of Simple Sharing. If you set up the exact same user with the exact same password on both machines, and you were logged in under that user, when you try to view the shares of the other computer, you will _not_ see the login dialog box.

    So you can 1 turn of Simple Sharing in XP and then disable the Guest account in the XP machine and 2K will bring up the same dialog when you try to view the shares of the XP machine, but _only_ if you are logged in with a user that has not been set up on the XP machine, or at least a user that doesn't have a password.

    That's at least what I have found out. There may be a policy setting that makes you have to put in a user name and password regardless. I think the whole Active directory and what not was made so that you didn't have to put in your password each and every time you tried to access something.


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