My 177*F Northwood (Update/followup)

thats a webcam pic, i ran a Tribes 1 Game server for approx 1 hr and then my server lagged i was the PC off then on then took that pic, its been 1 hr now temp hasnt gone down

so here i am, i need help pickin out a cooler for it anda guide on how to remove the HSF from the CPU for noobs.


EDIT: i need a CPU cooler thats cheap and easy to install and that will get the job done
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  1. Should have went to the cooler/heatsink topic.

    Though I guess this is a cheap one that I've been using on my Tbird athlon, and my dad's XP 2400+. I see it's 15 bucks on NewEgg:

    AeroCool X-Raider

    Says it will work for P4, and cool 3.2Ghz CPUs.

    Keeps my dad's XP 2400+ at 42C idle, 48C moderate load. (side is off though)
  2. hmm well it was a CPU issue and the cooler section doesnt get many hits

    anyways, im lookin at the Zalman 7000 Alcu seems good i want a good quality HSF around 30 bucks not exceding 40
  3. Errr, you said cheap.

    I don't understand why you would spend 30 bucks on a Zalman for your sony rig.

    hmm its a store bought PC, Sony (eww i kno, my dad bought it) hmm, well i shut it off and let it sit for 30 mins restarted went into Bios it read 52.3 C which is normal, i got the 188F afte ri left it running for 3 days straight...hmm no i wont reapply the thermalpaste cuz i dont care if it fries, gives me another excuse to ask my parents for money to build a new PC, i got around $50 right now just need like 300 more.

    anyways ill leve it running and see what temps i get
  4. well i would reuse it later when i build my own, right now my parents will pay for it, i dont want something expensive* but i dont want something cheap, when i build my own ill order a cheapo aero cool thing steal the zalman and use it with Articsilver 5, understand?

    if i build my own rig i will have to pay from my pocket, so ill make my parents buy a good HSF now, ill take it later and put a cheap thing back in.
  5. 30 bucks is probably more than that whole sony is worth. Just get something cheap.
  6. Its really a waste if you ask me.

    That zalman would best be used on a system that you OC.

    That cheap Aero on my Tbird which runs hotter then my dads XP, is currently folding. It has been running 24/7.

    My Room temp is warm, 82F.

    And on full load the Tbird is sitting 58C, idle was 53C. (side case on)

    If my room temp drop back to 70C, it would be 52-53C full load on folding.

    I'm guessing it would be cooler on that P4.

    But what evah, go ahead and spend your parents moola. Don't know why you asked for advice.

    edit: Also even though you can re-use the Zalman on another system, your just goin to put that other HSF back on? You could use that machine for somthing useful, and have something decent then what it has for HSF.

    And depending on what new system you build later on in the future, you might find something better then the 7000.
  7. sigh, my parents will pay the 40 bucks for it now.

    Later i will build a system around na opty 144 and a MSI mobo

    w/o them knowing and order a cheap HSF with my money that S478 compatiable

    i will take the zalman and use it for the Opty, put that cheapo HSF to use in the S478

    end result, i save money
  8. sigh....spoiled little kids. :roll:
  9. The heatinks supplied with Northwoods are normally quite capable, if factory thermal paste or Artic silver is aplied correctly...

    I'd suspect the thermal compound on the existing sink has simply solidified or dried out, which was my only prob when I started having 95C temps on my XP2000+ a year ago....

    Your fix might require only $5 worth of thermal compound the size of a BB!
  10. "hmm no i wont reapply the thermalpaste cuz i dont care if it fries, gives me another excuse to ask my parents for money to build a new PC, "

    How thoughtful of him! :-)
  11. Get a Aluminum Heatsink and try to put an 1mm thick Copper sheet and soilder to it. And then Sand the Bottom and sides down soo much that it shines like a mirror. And you'll get the Pot and Pan Effect Heatsinking. The Copper Transfers the Heat superfast and then the Aluminum sink dissapates the heat, This process will only cost me 10$ to do because i'm allowed to use the Soildering equipment at school and also have sanding privillages :D So i if i get the budget to get a few heat sinks i'll sand and soilder all day. To see what's the best combo.
  12. Great kid, bet Mom wishes she swallowed instead.
  13. trust me thats normal, excactly what my sony reads in the bios. 2.66 p4
  14. how old are u?
  15. i r 14 :tongue:

    ordered it 10 mins ago, 37.99 + Freeshipping Zalman 7000 CU-LED

    im happy



    i didnt PAY!!!!

    muahahaha, u can laugh at me but in the end, i DIDNT PAY MAUAHAHAHAHAUAHAUAHAU!!!
  16. oh yah got a free sticker too :) :lol: :lol: :lol:
  17. lmao :lol: :lol: :lol:
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