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I have a Asus P4SD-LA mobo, with a ATI 9200 SE AGP video card 128MB. I am trying to find out what is the best, newest, top of the line video card that my mobo will support. I have tried several different sources and each one has come up with a different video card. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. 7800gs


  2. The video card forum is a good place to post.

    The general thought there is Gainward BLISS 7800GS if your in the UK.
    The eVGA or BFG 7800GS are the US choice

    Some will tell you to get a 6600GT.

    What CPU are you running and how much RAM?

    I upgraded from a 9800 AIW 128 to a BFG 7800GS and it doubled my '03 marks. I used 03 because my mobo and CPU are '03 standards.

    I still had studdering issues with BF2 and some other games with 1 GB of RAM. I upgraded to 2 GB and the studdering is gone.

    Note: Some will tell you that if you should upgrade to PCIE and get a 7800GT for about $50 more.
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