Are Epox any good?

Sorry for this rather simple question but Ive never owned a Epox before or know of anyone whos had one and was just wondering If they are any good.
I've found one for cheap in a clearance section and I'm upgrading from agp to PCI-e and it looks pretty good.
I don't want to know if they are the best or not but whether they are a ok make.

Thanks for any help
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  1. Yes and no they are not better than asus in quality but in tech support yes they are.
  2. Dude stop saying they are the underdog. Asus is a great board company. Wusy, you are starting to sound like a fanboy..... :(

    And just cause they can OC doesn't mean they are better, you'd need to OC two similar boards the same amount and see which one lasts longer stably, it's pointless trying to say they are better because of that without proof. If you have proof by all means show us!
  3. Thanks for all the help.
    I've got an ASUS at the moment and im pretty happy with it, its very stable. So if the Epox is comparable to it with better OCing potential im happy to go with the Epox, definatly for the price.
  4. fight fight fight fight !!!

    idk i have an asus board it works

    but a LAN center i go to hase Epox boards

    i never really had any experience with Epox but i will look into it

    -if u look at them , they look kinda Cheap

    some Jetway would make

    but like i said i never had the board so i cant say anything good or bad

  5. I'm not trying to start a fight :) Wusy is a smart guy, I don't want to upset him, it just seems he won't try other things. I'm going to try a MB he recommended for my wifes new build, it'll be the first epox I've used in probably 8 years, we'll see how it goes, I'm sure it will be a great board. I just don't want someone being pushed into a single brand. I've built hundreds of asus based systems with no stability probs so I can attest to their quality and stability.
  6. I would choose Epox over Asus based on my 10 years of experience building and servicing. No, I'm not an Epox fanboy, neither my personal or business machines use motherboards from either. And, if quality is equal, and Epox has better support, then yes, Epox is better. My opinion is their quality is at least on par with Asus, and their service definitely is better. As for fanboys, there are way too many Asus fanboys hanging out in these forums. Question answered, next topic?
  7. Quote:
    As for fanboys, there are way too many Asus fanboys hanging out in these forums. Question answered, next topic?

    Nah fight fight fight :D
    The only reason Im going for the epox is its a clearance item and it £20 which works out about $35 and when you consider in the uk a decent motherboard will cost £60 its a bargain.
  8. I understand where you are coming from. I just got my MSI Neo4 Platinum, and I think it's a better price performance ratio than the A8N-E, but I have yet to put it through the paces. My major point is that I've had so very few problems with asus, I can't NOT recommend them :)

    I'll be getting the Epox EP-9NPA+Ultra next week and we'll see how it goes. I don't think I like the atx connector in the middle of the board, the pci-e x16 going right over the ide ports, or the lack of a x4 pci-e, but if that's all that's wrong with it and it outperforms my asus and msi boards I'll be a convert, for the time being. :)

    P.S. I still love my A7N8X, thing is a workhorse!
  9. Indeed I shall :)
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