BFG 7900 GTX Major problems

Game starts off normal and plays well, but over time ends up like this

Calling Newegg on monday for an RMA not very excited about sitting here with no card...
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  1. DFI Lan Party Nf4 SLI
    Opetron 165
    Silverstone Zues SST 520w
    Gskill Extreme Pc4000 2gb ram
    Western Digital Se 320gig hard drive
    BFG 7900 Gtx 512mb

    Game starts off normal, but after a while gets jagged lines from characters like

    then the longer you play the worse it gears. If I exit the game the desktop will constantly refresh and have some lines through it. The wierd thing though is I can load up wow even after all that and it will run fine granted world of warcraft isnt as graphic intensive, but I would imagine it would have some problems.
  2. Looks like overheating or memory issues to me.

    520W power supply should be more than enough to run a single 7900 GTX.
  3. Why would bf 2 run so shitty and WoW run great though... Just dosent make any sense to me . I suppose it could be a shader thing, but if it was heat it would affect everything wouldnt it? Everest shows my gpu at 43% c most of the time.
  4. Perhaps you havent cleaned out your older drivers, Have you ever owned an ATI card before you got the GTX? if Not, its might be damaged du to OC, the Heat issue shouldnt be a problem, the GTX cooler cools nicley from what I know. If you have done OC to the card, and on top of that increased the Voltage, the core or ram on the GTX might be damaged.
    But try unistalling and reinstalling the forceware drivers, that usually solves the issue.
    -Good Luck- :twisted:
  5. Everything is up to date and this is a brand new computer so no previous ati drivers either. The only thing I did with the clock speeds on the card is lower them to see if it would fix it and it didnt.
  6. Quote:
    Why would bf 2 run so shitty and WoW run great though... Just dosent make any sense to me .
    Battlefield2 is more graphically intense, so yes it could make sense; RMA it ASAP!
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