A8N-E Mobo Beep with certain prompts in Windows XP

This has been bugging me... is there any reason for this beep?

I've just set up the computer, and everything seems to be going fine. However, when installing drivers and stuff, anytime a 'restart the computer' dialog box pops up, I'll get a mobo beep. Same when I try to click in a Window that requires another window to be closed first (like in display properties)... I've get the flashing window accompanied by a mobo beep.

Now, everything else has been running fine... and I have no idea why the motherboard would beep when certain dialog boxes pop up.

Anyone else have an A8N-E with this problem?

Only thing that is 'off' in my system setup, is that I have a 20-pin power going into the 24-pin spot on the mobo at least until I can buy a new PSU. I didn't know about ATX2.0, and I'm using my older PSU. But it doesn't seem like a dialog box should be causing a power issue, and if it is, I'd expect the comp to shut down from lack of power, not just beep at me.

If this is normal for the A8N-E... well, I'd like to disable it =p I don't want to turn off the speaker entirely, as its still a new build, and I want to hear any warning beeps. But these dialog box beeps hardly seem like they're anything serious.

Any ideas?
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  1. Strange, I have the A8N-E as well but dun have this beeping sound you described. You may want to check the cables that are running from your Mobo to your Casing speaker and see where that actually connects to? I only get the beep sound say for example when I press Shift quickly 4-5 times etc.
  2. Heh, I feel like an idiot.

    I think my problem was having the onboard sound enabled, along with having a soundcard installed. Was getting sound errors in WMP as well as with games... think that the mobo speaker was giving out the beeps for normal dialog boxes since no other sound was working.

    Anyway, a quick disabling of the onboard audio in the BIOS cleared everything right up. It turned out to be nothing, but random mobo beeps on a new build are not exactly what you want to hear, haha.
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