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I have a professor who goes through her slides FAST (sometimes as quick as 3 seconds or so) so I bought a gooseneck camera, and now I just need a webcam program that can take pictures when triggered by a keystroke, but I haven't found one so far. Do you guys know of any? Thanks for your help!
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  1. Ask the instructor to go back, and remember that you don't need to copy the ENTIRE slide.

    Only thing I can think of is screen capture software. Irfanview or Pickpic (or is that picpick?) can do photos on X keypress. But I think its only a window or screen area and not capture from camera. Either way you're going to have issues with saving the file and legibility.
  2. If you dont need to use your laptopf or note taking then something as simple as while having the webcams video full screen would work.

    If you want something that will run in the background then it would most likely be something you would ahve to script yourself.
  3. Another thought, ask your teacher for a copy of the slides. Let her know the problem and she might be able to get them to you.
  4. She specifically said she will not give us the slides. Also, it'd be nice to have the diagrams she shows us.

    I found some programs that take pictures, but they don't have an option for taking pics on a keystroke...
    Thanks for the replies guys, keep them coming!
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