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I am planning to purchase a new computer system which will have Windows 7 (which I am not familiar with) installed on it.

On Microsoft's page comparing the different versions of Windows 7, one of the differences it check marks for Windows 7 Ultimate is "Work in the language of your choice and switch between any of 35 languages". This is not checked for Windows 7 Professional. Does this mean that to have full Hebrew support (as in all versions of Windows XP including Home) one must get "Ultimate" or is that only for some sort of additional language support? Doesn't Windows 7 Home Premium include the same kind of Hebrew support that XP Home does which would be adequate?

If no one is familiar with this, could someone running Windows 7 Home Premium go to the wherever the language/keyboard options are and see if one can select other languages & keyboards, particularly Hebrew?

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  1. I am running Pro and after taking a look at the language/keyboard settings, I am only able to change the keyboard setting, not the language. So it would appear that you probably have to buy ultimate.
  2. I think this might mean that you can switch between languages of the system. If you purchase a hebrew version of professional you would be locked into hebrew.
  3. I also asked this question in the technology forum and FatWallet.com and just received these 2 responses:

    That feature mentioned in Windows 7 Ultimate is for the MUIs, or Multilingual User Interfaces. These change the language of the entire OS from English to the language of your choice (of 35 available languages). So all menus and included applications would be in Hebrew. This was the same as in Vista, and is similar to the MUIs that were only available for special volume license versions of XP Professional.

    If you just want to be able to read and write Hebrew, but don't need the OS and all the programs to be in Hebrew, then any version of Vista/7 should work, same as with XP:

    Typing in multiple languages without going ultimate

    Can you do it? I just want to use an english language copy of Windows 7, but I'd like to be able to type in foreign languages, such as Japanese and Chinese. When they say that there is no foreign language support in anything but the overpriced edition, does this mean I can't even so much as use microsoft IME or other keyboards for accessing foreign languages? If this is the case, it would be a very ironic omittance, given that that's the version Microsoft is pushing on students.

    ...answer to your question on a MS forum...

    Yes, you can do it.

    The IME, Language Bar, Locale displays, keyboards, etc, work exactly like they always have in previous versions of Windows.

    The Ultimate version gives you access to the MUI (Multilaguage User Interface) files that completely change the language of the operating system.

    Hope this helps.
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