Hi, Some help please....Had a dell 2.0...512 memory...64 mb video...I could play my online gaming pretty good now I brought a emachine with a 3500....1gb memory and 128 video and my online gaming is so slow...they told me this was a better machine....can I do anything to make it run better? :cry: Any help....thanks
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  1. Can you give more specifics about your system and what benchmarks you used for speed?
  2. Sounds like a video card issue to me. go somewhere like and newegg and form the computer you bought I would assume you arent going for super-high end and get something like the 7600gt If you have PCI-e, or an 6800 if you are on an agp platform, If you don't know what either of those things are, I would reccoment taking it to your local repair shop, or at least read up on computers before you start opening your computer.
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