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Selling Dell Inspiron 9100

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October 14, 2006 6:22:35 AM


Dell Inspiron 9100
15.4 Widescreen LCD (1920 X 1200 res)
P4 3.0 Gig Processor (800 fsb - Mobile Desktop Processor)
1 Gig (2 x 512 Dell Specific Kingston Value Ram)
ATI 9800 Mobility 256 Video Card
60 Gig HD (7200 RPM)
DVD RW (4x, I believe)
Wireless ABG Nic Card
Onboard 10/100 Nic and Modem
New 12 Cell battery on order (old one doesn't seem to keep a charge anymore, but will be included-old battery doesn't fall under recall)
Warranty: 194 days left (Nights/Weekends, but no accidental damage)
Windows XP Pro Service Pack 1

The video card and DVD RW are upgrades, which I can include the original ATI 9700 128 video card, the original CD/DVD combo drive and the original floppy drive (hot swap bay). I also will be including several 150 watt power bricks to go with it.

Service Tag: 2BRTQ41
I am the original owner, bought it in May of 2004. Nothing is wrong with it (few minor scratches on the case). I upgraded to a Dell Inspiron e1705.

I am interested in seeing what I can get for it.

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October 14, 2006 8:26:04 PM

how much are you asking?
plz post a price it makes things easier! =D
October 15, 2006 12:25:35 AM

I was actually trying to find out what people think I could sell it for. I didn't mean for it to be put in the classified section. I originally bought it for $2000 and with the memory, video, DVD upgrade and warranty; plus I ordered a brand new battery (from Dell), I have probably put another 800-1000 into it. So I guess I would like to know if $1000 is a good deal (for me) or what are other people's opinions.
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October 15, 2006 7:42:11 PM

This was top of the line when you bought it, but I could get a brand new Core Duo laptop for a grand.

I'd say its worth $600 - $800, a non-dual core PC is a tough sell these days.

Try tossing it on ebay.
October 16, 2006 12:17:08 AM

Thank you for your input. It is funny that you say you can pick up a dual core laptop for a grand. That is true, but the only thing that system would have over my 9100 is the dual core part. A grand would get you not as nice screen, onboard video or a video card that shares memory (not one that has true dedicated memory), slower hard drive, probably 512 megs of memory, etc. Pricing out a similar e1505, it still came out to $1500 and yes it was dual core and 80 gig hd, but the video card still doesn't compare. The reason for selling my 9100 is that I bought a newer e1705. I paid $2k for it, but the specs on it are as follows:

Core Duo (bought it right before Core 2 Duo)
2 Gigs of Ram (667 Mhz)
100 gig HD (7200 RPM)
nVidia 7900 GS (256 Meg)
17' LCD (1920 X 1200 res)

Even pricing out Core 2 laptops from Dell or Alienware with same specs, I keep getting a price of about $2500. Also, the bad thing about dual core systems, especially on the gaming side, is that most older games (Everquest for instance) don't play well unless you set affinity to one processor (in which case, you aren't doing much better than a single processor any ways).
October 16, 2006 2:22:05 AM

I would never use a laptop for gaming.
It's like using a Corvette to tow a boat.
Too much $ to make it happen.
Ebay will probably give you the most $ 4 it.
October 16, 2006 5:38:55 AM

Looking at your sig, it looks like your computer retails around $1500-2k. I agree that to get the same output (not to mention you can't really OC a laptop), the laptop would be $3k+. I personally don't have a problem spending $2k on a laptop that I know would be able to handle most things I throw at it. I do html/ development and photoshop, play some games (EQ and WoW) and working on my degree. Having the ability to take my computer with me anywhere I go (sometimes including lan parties is a perk) is very important.
October 16, 2006 3:05:43 PM

The downside of a lappy is you can't upgrade the video to stay current after you drop 2k, you can only eat it and drop another 2k.

The downside of a desktop is it has to stay on a desk, but you can nearly break even on parts if you constantly use the core parts (cpu,mobo, vid cards) for a while and sell it on ebay before the value is gone.

You'll probably get close to 1k on ebay for your lappy.

For me I held on to my 7900 GT's too long and am going to take a $100 hit on each. I'm gonna just keep 1 and wait for a DX10 card.
October 16, 2006 4:12:16 PM

A lot of the high end newer laptop video cards are actually cards themselves. So they can be replaced (unless they change technology), but the main problem right now is whether the manufacture wants you doing that. I don't believe the Inspiron e1705 has bios support for the 7900 GTX (512 version of my 256 card). Dell wants people buying their more expensive XPS laptop to get that support. I have seen in the past where someone has modded the regular Inspiron bios to be like the XPS bios (allowing for other video card support) but then that brings up warranty and support issues. The 9100 has support for 3 video cards (ATI 9700 64, ATI 9700 128 and ATI 9800 256). I was able to originally buy it with the ATI 9700 128 card and later upgrade it to the ATI 9800 256. I know that is way less support than any desktop could offer. When I buy technology I guess I view it as a deprecated item (like a vehicle). I know I won't get out of it what I put into it, but at the same time, I use it everyday so the usage value far exceeds what I have paid for it. For me, a laptop has far better usage value than say a big screen tv, kicking stereo system or the likes.
November 10, 2006 9:09:00 PM

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