Which case and PSU for system with 9x3.5" HD?

1. Case
I want to build a new system in which I am going to need to install 1x3.5" boot drive (Raptor probably) and a RAID system with 8x3.5" hard drives. Most of the cases I have looked at don't accept that many disks. Which case would you recommend? (not too noisy would be nice as well :D )
Except for Lian Li do you know of any manufacturer of internal racks that allow you to put 3 3.5" HD using 2 of the 5.25" bays? (or 4 3.5" HD in 3 5.25" bays as a matter of fact?).

2. PSU
I am going to put in 9 disk, one Highpoint raid controller and probably one GEforce 6600GT video card. Where can I find the power consumption for those kind of elementsin ordrer to determine which kind of PSU to buy? I remember having read articles explaining how to do the calculations but can't seem to find them now that I need them. :roll:
EDIT : oops ... forget about the power consumption question .. it was just at the top ofthe page :oops: :oops:

Thanks in advance for your help.
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  1. Thermaltake Armor Series VA8000BWS $173 shipped w/ $30 MIR
    CM Stacker STC-T01-UWK $180.50 shipped

    These have a good amount of room between the HDDs so they don't overheat.

    I am cheap so I got an ASPIRE X-Navigator ATXA9N-BK/500 $101 shipped
    which does what you need, but I had to mod it with a fan on each hdd cage since the hdds heat up pretty good. Kinda loud too... the ones above cool better with less fans.

    oh and here's the psu calc link..
  2. Thanks for the info. The coolermaster stacker seems to look loike a good choice if I can find the supplemental HD cages.

    However I am a bit stumped by the PSU calculations .. I used the the psu calc link..

    and I find some outlandish results .... 642 W that seems awfully high ...
    System Type: Single Processor
    CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ 2000 MHz 1.40v
    CPU Utilization (TDP): 100% TDP

    RAM: 4 Sticks DDR SDRAM
    Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT
    Video Type: Single Card
    SATA HDD: 9 HDDs
    DVD-RW/DVD+RW Drive: 1 Drive
    PCI IDE RAID Controller Card: Yes
    USB: 6 Devices
    IEEE-1394 FireWire: 1 Device
    Fan Controller: Yes
    Front Bay Card Reader: Yes
    Front Bay LCD Display: Yes
    Fans Regular: 2 Fans 80mm; 2 Fans 120mm;

    Motherboard, keyboard and mouse: Yes
    PSU Utilization: 100% (peak utilization)
    Surge Compensation (+ W %): 25%
    Capacitor Aging (+ W %): 20%

    Total: 642 Watts
    Do you think I have put something wrong ? Do I really need yje Surge compensation ? and the capacitor aging thing ? Is there even some such PSU which does not make as much noise as a bloody car ?

    Thanks for your answers.

  3. that calc is prolly right, get a kilowatt of power from PC Power & Cooling
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