Sufficient Power, but doesn't detect Hard Drive?

Alright, check this out, Finally managed to get a Antec NeoHe 550Watt psu. A wonderful Psu if you ask me. PLaced the rig in the case, ready to run. Power on, boots past bios wonderfully. Then comes the blue screen.
Place the Kingston 2x 512 pc 3200 in different slots, now it says there is no HD! It says error from disk. I REFORMATTED my HD, but once it reboots, it again says error. I went into bios and checked the standard features, The DFI lanparty Sli-Dr Expert mobo doesnt detect the HD. I can hear the Hd reving up at start up so it should be fine. All I did is take out the HD from my rig an placed it in the new rig. I know for a fact that the HD is in operating condition. The ata cables are connceted. One thing I noticed is that the cable is colour coded. On end of the cable is blue, Does the blue side connect to the HD? I dont think there is any difference.
Is there something in bios I have to configure so it can read the HD?
Could it also be that the cables are damaged?
N E helpl would be appreciated
-Thank You All-
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  1. How do I setup the CMOS so that the HD will be detected and boot up properly??
    Thats my quess, the bios says that the CD-ROM IS ON MASTER, DO i have to install a floppy drive so that the Hd will be deteced?? Cuz currently I dont have a Floppy drive :D
    I think they are a waste of space and hardware.
    N E help would be greatly appreciated
  2. There is a difference. The blue must point to the motherboard.

  3. Also make sure that if the drive has a single drive setting, you should use it.
  4. Heheh I just found out what was the prob, :D
    Bad cable 8O
    But thanks for your replies
  5. Quote:
    Heheh I just found out what was the prob, :D
    Bad cable 8O
    But thanks for your replies

    Bad cable or you plugged the blue end into the drive???
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