For Sale- 2 PCI Graphics Cards

Ok, i am buying my new PC, so im selling my PCI video cards. I have one BFG 5500FX, lightly overclocked. And my Visiontek X1300PCI, also lightly overclocked. Both cards are mint condition. The X1300 OC's like hell , but i never truly maxed it out. The X1300 is the ONLY PCI video card, to my knowlege, that supports VIVO, 6XAA, Full HDR, and all the eye candy. This card cost me 115$ and the 5500FX cost me 75$.

Here are the specs :

Visiontek X1300 PCI
GDDR2 64-Bit Memory @ 533Mhz Stock
450Mhz Core Clock
TV-Out, VGA Out, DVI-Out (With DVI>VGA Adapter)
Good Cooler that covers top of RAM also and looks sweet

BFG Tech 5500FX
400Mhz Memory Clock
290Mhz Core Clock vs 270Mhz Standard (Factory OC)
VGA Out, TV-Out
Cool Silver Fan

Asking 38$ for the 5500FX, and 90$ for the X1300. I may take lower offers, thanks.
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  1. ill give u 20 for the 5500 or 60 for the x1300
    aim tvdang7
  2. No, and No.
  3. No, if you go 35$ I will accept, no lower.
  4. the x1300 is $97.49 new, and about 100 new localy.

    I will offer 60 for that card and 30 for the other one.
  5. 30$ Plus shipping, and you have a deal :) X1300 Sold for 80$. Shipping is 12$. It was for the X1300, and it will be for this too :). It was only 1.2Lbs. I will only sell to people in USA also.
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