GA-K8NUltra9, Keyboard Problems on Startup in XP, HELP PLS

Pls help, I have had this problem 4 a while and have not got to fix it yet. The ps/2 keyboard on startup in XP does not work. When for instance numlock is pressed the light does not come on and no key press is registerd in Windows until temp fix is done. The quickest way to do this is to go through device manager and disable then re-enable it again(it has the yellow conflict type logo to start of with). There are similar ways but this is the fastest. I need to do this every time I boot up. It will work everywhere else(BIOS etc) except in windows. I have seen the similar(older) posts but no solutions to the problem, so pls if anyone can assist me it would appreciated.

I have tried different keyboards, reinstalled XP number of times, and it is always the same.
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  1. I have this mobo and have never had this problem. Have you tried switching the keyboard to USB from serial port? If you are really sure it's the mobo, have you tried upgrading the firmware? It sounds like a device conflict to me.. not the mobo.. try unplugging other devices as well and see if that makes a difference.
  2. Thanks for the advice

    I have not upgraded my bios, is it best to get this from the GIGABYTE site, seeing as you have the same board(And the best way of doing it?). Do you think this could be a permanent fix cos I am tired having to do this every boot up. I was also thinking it was a device conflict but during the windows install when you put in all the different user accounts it has the same problem, so I have to restart and default then set to the Admin account. This has also always happend. As for the usb to serial, would that be like a ps/2 to usb converter plug or what? I have only seen these the other way around.
    Thanks, will try unplugging some devices and see if the conflict goes away.
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