Build me a $4500 gaming rig!

hey thats my budget (including monitor)

i have:
-DVD writer
-Logitech Z-5500's

i need:
(the rest)
-19" Monitor
-this case:
+ everything else...

and yeah it's for extreme gaming so keep that in mind :twisted:

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  1. For $4500, you can pretty much build the best PC money can buy right now.
  2. I'd say FX60(AMD) or PentiumX 965EE(Intel)
    2GB of Low latency RAM
    Crossfire or SLI motherboard
    Dual 7900GTXs or X1900 XTX+ X1900 Crossfire master card
    Creative X-FI Xtreme music
  3. hey thats my budget (including monitor)

    i have:
    -DVD writer
    -Logitech Z-5500's

    i need:
    (the rest)
    -19" Monitor
    -this case:
    + everything else...

    and yeah it's for extreme gaming so keep that in mind :twisted:


    Dual Dual Core Opteron 285 S940

    4x1GB sticks

    Tyan S2895 motherboard

    your favorite VGA ( X1900XTX or 7900GTX )

  4. I didn't even think of 940 pin Optys; 4 physical cores would be great.
  5. Quote:
    I didn't even think of 940 pin Optys; 4 physical cores would be great.

    Aye. 4 cores. 2x the RAM bandwidth. 2x PCI-X buses, 2x X16 PCI-E slots :-D
  6. If you are going with AMD (which i recommend) then you might as well wait for the AM2 socket and go with that, and i also suggest sli not crossfire, but i am sure that crossfire is not to far behind from sli.
  7. Don't get a X2, get a Opty 185.

    AMD Opteron 185 Dual-Core 2.6GHz 1MB (per core) 64/32-Bit Socket 939 (Retail Box-w-Fan)

    Definetly get the Opty, faster (much faster, 2.6 GHz stock and can be OC'd to around 2.9 or 3 easily), better quality (its a server processor, therefore better made), and its just AWESOME.

    Of course its $1,120, but hell, you've got the money. GET IT.

    Otherwise, I would pretty much agree with what you said. Though if you want this to be kick ass, you can get a much better sound card then that.

  8. Here's what I would get.
    Case - what you said
    Hard Drives - a pair of 36 gig raptors in raid 0 for windows and programs
    Western Digital Caviar SE16 500GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s
    Monitor - A pair of these Samsungs
    MoBo - the Asus A8R32 MVP Deluxe
    Video Cards - The Saphire x1900xt and the Crossfire Edition
    Sound Card - Creative SOUND BLASTER X-Fi Platinum
    PSU - 850PC Power & Cooling TURBO-COOL
    Processor - Opty 180 Socket 939
    Heatsink - Zalman CNPS9500
    RAM - OCZ Titanium 2GB (2 x 1GB)

    And I do believe that's it. Comes to $4,565.84 after shipping, which is slightly over budget, but you can always trim down on the Hard Drives if you want to save a little, or get a less expensive heat sink that will work just about as well. If you want SLI rather than Crossfire I would say This MSI board and a pair of these BFG 7900GTX's.

    Man I wish I had your budget...
  9. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:come on a pair of 36 GB raptor...the man can't even play with those...let him get 5x 150 GB (15 k rpm) RAID 5... :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  10. Quote:
    Here's what I would get.
    Case - what you said
    Hard Drives - a pair of 36 gig raptors in raid 0 for windows and programs
    Western Digital Caviar SE16 500GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s
    Monitor - A pair of these Samsungs
    MoBo - the Asus A8R32 MVP Deluxe
    Video Cards - The Saphire x1900xt and the Crossfire Edition
    Sound Card - Creative SOUND BLASTER X-Fi Platinum
    PSU - 850PC Power & Cooling TURBO-COOL
    Processor - Opty 180 Socket 939
    Heatsink - Zalman CNPS9500
    RAM - OCZ Titanium 2GB (2 x 1GB)

    Case: First of all, I really don't understand this case. It doesn't make logical sense to me. Mabye you can explain it to me, but I don't get it. Ok, here I go, Most cases, as you know, have there PSU at the top back of the case for easy placement and good reach of cables. The other reason, is to draw hot air that has risen past the chips and Hard Drives, out the back, AT THE TOP, where it naturally rises. Now, I understand this case has fans on the side bottoms in order to draw this air in, but this air doesn't flow past the HDD's and it is being brought in by two fans, both pushing in oposite directions, RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER. I wouldn't recommend, for these simple reasons. Which I may very well be wrong on, but mostly, that you can get a simply awesome case, that is NO WHERE NEAR AS EXPENSIVE. ITS 351 DOLLARS. WHY WASTE THAT.

    MoBo: Don't go MVP, its going extinct, and soon, it will be obsolete. If you want this top performance, go with the DFI LanParty UT nF4 Ultra-D, which is an awesome board for OCing, though if you want SLi, which you may want to upgrade to in the future, as more features become available including physics processing, get the Asus A8N32-SLi Delux.

    Monitor: Looks good, though personally, if I had your money I would go with the Dell 2405FPW, which though it is more expensive, and doesn't have as fast a response time, is obviously a 24 inch monitor, is wide screen, and is more feature rich. Of course, you could also get the 2007FPW.

    Video Cards: Don't get ATI, they are behind at the moment. Get one 512 MB 7900 GTX, which is, from what I've heard actually faster than connecting two 256's. Again, feel free to correct me anywhere that I am wrong.

    Sound Card: Really, that looks good, in fact it looks great.

    PSU: No, you do not need a 850 W PSU. That is like, the most major overkill I have seen since the guy that said because his 400 W PSU failed, he had to get a 1 KW PSU in order for his computer to work. I highly recommend you check out this link in order to figure out what your PSU should be.

    CPU: Come to think about it, yeah, this is the right choice for you. The 185 isn't worth it for the cost, and you can OC this almost as much as it.

    Heatsink: Zalman is always a good brand, and this one in particular I have been looking at for myself. A bit out of my own price range, but yeah, its awesome from what I've read.

    RAM: Yep, Titanium is really good, though I found a really good deal on XMS the other day that had a $50 rebate on it. So keep your eye out on the two of those.

    oh yeah

    Hard Drive: Get a WD 150GB Raptor 10,000rpm 16 MB Cache. Also get another slower larger drive for bulk storage.

    This comes to I belive lower than 4500.

    Let me know.

  11. Those drives cost like 730 bucks? Why would you get those for the marginal increase that they give.

  12. you may want to look at

    Samsung 215TW

    this is a monitor that i am planing to buy, Eric
  13. The 150's aren't worth the money, especially for bulk storage, so don't even think about getting 5. A pair of 36's will be plenty of room for OS and games and programs and give great performance for it, plus cheaper then even one 150.

    And I have to agree with DDay about the case. Save a hundred bucks and get the new Cooler Master CM Stacker. Pretty much one of the, if not THE best case on the market right now imo.

    Not sure how the MVP is going eextinct and will be obsolete, at least no more than any other socket 939 board with AM2 on the horizon.

    Actually ATI is not behind at the moment the two companies are pretty well neck and neck. Some games ATi will run better and some nvivia will run better, look at benchmarks on the cards at any tech site like this one and see what performs better on the games you will be playing most. ATI even has better video picture quality at the moment I believe. But I will admit I am an ATI fanboy as in my experience they handle dual monitors better, and I couldn't live without my second monitor.

    And finally, sure the PSU is a little overkill, but with dual top o' the line GPU's and multiple HDD's it is better to overdo than underdo it. I always try to buy more than what I need in the case of PSU because it will last that much longer.
  14. Abit 3200 Motherboard
    Enermaz 620W Power Supply
    Silverstonce case
    AMD 64 FX-60 Dual core 2.8 or overclock to 3.0
    2 ATI X1900 GPU in Cross Fire
    OCZ 2gb 3200 memory
    XFI Sound Blaster Fatality 64 Bit memory (recommended for pc gaming)
    Silence Koolance water cooler
    Samsung SyncMaster 997mb 19" Monitor or
    (OPTONAL and reccomended)ViewSonic PerfectFlat G225fB Monitor 21"
    Two 74GB raptors set to RAID 0

    Motherboard.ABIT AT8 32X Motherboard $184.24

    power supply ENERMAX Liberty ELT620AWT 620W Power Supply $168.00

    Case=SILVERSTONE SSTTJ07B Black Computer Case $406.95

    Processor- AMD Athlon 64 FX-60 Dual Core Processor - $999.50

    Video Card- ATI X1900 CrossFire Edition Video Card- $553.67
    ATI Radeon X1900 XT Video Card - $517.12

    Memory-OCZ Technology 2GB PC3200 DDR DIMM Dual Channel Platinum Memory $204.48

    Sound Card-Creative XFi 70SB046600002 SOUND BLASTER XFi Fatal1ty FPS - $257.00

    Water Cooler- Koolance Aquian ICM-505 Internal Cooling System $234.53

    Monitor-Samsung SyncMaster 997mb 19" Monitor - $190.00
    (OPTIONAL)(recommended) ViewSonic PerfectFlat G225fB Monitor 21", 2048x1536, .2mm $453.69

    Hard Drive-Western Digital Raptor 74GB Hard Drive $162.36
    Western Digital Raptor 74GB Hard Drive $162.36

    I will defineltly will go with ATI since ATI 1900 could run HDR and ANTILIASING at the same time.. while NVIDIA does not have this ability.. why pay more for an nvidia card that will show u crap. will use this card in Cross Fire- must have a cross fire certified motherboard like one below. Nvidia might be a little bit faster but does not show a better picture than ATI. Once again Nvidia does not run HDR and ANTILIASING at the same time. KEEP THAT IN MIND!

    ABIT AT8 32X Motherboard - with this motherboard this ati card will run at TRUE16x

    2 raptors hard drive. Dont forget to set them to RAID 0 for optimum performance

    AMD FX-60- the best and fastest DUAL CORE processor out to more in less time.. best cpu for gaming... Overclockable.. runs stable 2.8 with fan and 3.0 with water cooler. Dont get fool with Intel high clock speeds. Intel hasnt found the way to beat AMD fx-60. seehow well your games perform at mazimum resolution.
    to overclock to 2.8 do this: Enter Motherboard BIOS > Raised .. "Processor Frequency Multiplier" to 14x and Raised... "Processor Voltage" to 1.400 v
    to over clock to 3.0 do this: Enter Motherboard BIOS > Raised .. "Processor Frequency Multiplier" to 15x and Raised... "Processor Voltage" from 1.400 v to 1.4625 v..... MUST USE WATER COOLER TO OC TO 3.0

    I Hgihly recomment CRT Monitors. CRT are best for gaming. has higher screen refresh rates and .2mm dot pixel. LCD are not at this level yet, by the way games looks blurry and looks like crap. CRT lookes much better than the most expensive LCD monitor.
    I recommend uto go with a 21" CRT monitor to play at the highest resolution 2048x1536.SEE Your Video Card Full Potential.

    experience High Fidelity at 24 bit. Run much smoother at higher resolution with XFI souncd card since it has its own CPU.
    Saves system cpu usage.

    This is the best, fastest, and cheapiest price . from all the PC Configuration from the other configuration above. ill say this the best configuration on the planet to Date.
    go with my configuraton. You wont regret.Reasonable price for what it has including a water cooler. and a XFI SOUNCARD with 64bit memory. I also configure this rig with almost no NOISE. A very silence Rig.and with a silence Power Supply. GOOD LUCK!

    TOTAL With Tax and Shipping. Price may vary.. this how much will be.. ship to CA, LOS Angeles. once ready to buy hardware go to and compare tax, shipping, and hardware prices to be ship to your home.

    Total:$4,040.21 with Samsung 19" monitor w/ water cooler
    Total: $4,303.9 with View Sonic 21" monitor w/ water cooler

    Total: $3,805.68 with Samsung 19" monitor with/ no water cooler
    Total: $4069.37 with View Sonic 21" monitor w/ no water cooler
  15. "I'd say FX60(AMD) or PentiumX 965EE(Intel)

    Indeed, the extra 1-2 frames per second in high res gaming that an FX60 achieves over an X2/4200+ makes it easily worth the extra ....$550!!! :-)

    A $4500 budget would demand a 30" Dell (at $2300) be included, for those maniacal enough to spend that much on a computer...; to support adequate framerates at 2560x1600.....finally, a reason for SLI or Crossfire! :-)
  16. " the way games looks blurry and looks like crap." "with LCD"


    If you say so! :-)
  17. Did sum1 call me crazey???!!! :D

    Well i will be buying this rig early next year in england. it works out to 2500 pounds so yeah i can't wait! :wink:

    I do prefer AMD and nVidia. That just had 2 be said :P

    Does any1 have a similar spec system to the ones stated above?
    if any1 does then how much faster is it compared to my current rig:

    amd athlon XP 2800+
    9600XT 128mb
    512gig ram DDR400
    Gigabyte GA7NNXP mobo

    Can't wait 4 next year!!!!!!!! :twisted:
  18. Hold on a sec..... extreme gaming.... what are you playing VR games? What makes it extreme. What can you do with a Dual Core cpu(in games) that you can't do with say a Venice 3500? What can you do with that $350 case, that you can't do with a $100 Lian Li case or Antec case? And if you are going to buy Dual Core.... why get anything higher than an X2 3800 or the Opteron 165 or 170.... I would recommend the Opty. There is no benefit in "Extreme Gaming"..... Just get one of the BEST video cards, one fast harddrive, and a mid range single core cpu(3500) or a low end dual core(the 165-170 or X2 3800) and at high resolutions you will get the same FPS as building a $4500 system.... The only thing you can do above that is buy two cards and X-Fire/SLI them..... You don't need a 32X mobo, there is not performance difference. You don't need to Raid 0 your harddrives, 2 raptors in real world, perform about the same as one on level load times.... You don't need the fatality sound card, just get the extreme music, or something like that. A good 500W psu will be MORE than enough even for an SLI overclocking setup. You don't need water cooling, in about 90-95% of the cases it will not increase your OC, just lower the temps a little bit, and what is the difference between a CPU than only lasts 10 years instead of 15? Who will ever have one that long anyway? And in my opinion, LCD's are much easier on your eyes than CRT's, and I don't notice mine being blurry in comparison to CRT's.... games look great on my 20.1 Dell monitor. And as far as motherboards are concerned.... I have owned 2 DFI's, one UltraD and one was the SLI DR, and I have also owned 2 Asus boards, the A8NSLI Premium(passive chipset cooler) and the A8N5X.... I do not recommend the 5X, but..... I have achieved the EXACT same STABLE and MAX OC on the Asus A8NSLI Premium board and both of the DFI boards..... using the same hardware only difference was the board..... but if you do want DFI and don't need 8 Sata ports, the Ultra D can be modded easily for SLI by jumpering some pins on the Northbridge/Southbridge.... whichever it is called.... by using a pencil....

    basically, if you are building a system for gaming, I can build one for half the price that will get the same frame rates as your budget would allow, just saying don't waste your money, and don't let people talk you into it. And if you really want the FX60, just get an Opty 165--170 and OC it, and you don't even need the ultra expensive memory, you will get the same performance, just use the divider and keep it around 400-450(memory speed)...... just my opinion..... take it with a grain of salt.
  19. Quote:

    Panth3r, I'v replaced all 5 of my CRT's with the Samsung 204B LCD, I highly recommend it!

    The WD 150gb Raptor outperforms 2 74gb Raptor's in Raid 0.

    Everything I listed above I spent 2 months researching, many have been tested on TH.

    I dropped Creative after having serious issues with their last 3 soundcard models (one trip to their support forums will give you an idea), I switched to Turtlebeach cards. I have used the Santa Cruz, Riviera, and Montego with no issues in any games from WOW, Oblivion, BF2, HL2, ect...........

    The Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe support true X16 SLI unlike %99 of the other SLI mobo's on the market.

    You could go with the FX60 instead of the X2 4800 but I don't see the performance vs price as being worth it IMHO.

    As far as cooling the Aerocool case is topnotch, they did have an issue with it in regards to mounting holes but that has since been fixed. The Thermalight XP-120 is an outstanding HS, setup with the Sunon 120mm fan it has kept my Prescotts very cool (idle in the upper 30's).

    Other than that you have to go with what works for you, the above system is what I am currently building for myself.
  20. just fyi.... I would recommend the SI-120, it is much easier to work with, and I have seen no difference in temps on any of my setups between the two HS's.
  21. With that much money to spend, it would be worth seriously considering a wait until socket AM2 chipsets come out, or even Conroe. That way, you'll get the most bleeding edge system, plus the option to upgrade at least once down the road.

    Otherwise, if I had that much money, here is what I'd spend it on:

    DFI Lanparty UT CFX3200-DR Socket 939 ATI CrossFire Radeon XPRESS 3200 ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail $230

    AMD Athlon 64 FX60 Toledo 2000MHz HT Socket 939 Dual Core - $1012

    Corsair 2Gb PC4000, DDR500 (2x 1Gb) - $193

    2x 150Gb 10k Raptor for RAID 0 configuration - $550

    1x 74Gb 10k Raptor for WinXP/Vista install - $150

    2x Radeon X1900XTX for Crossfire Config - approx $1100

    Creative X-Fi Fatality Edition - $283

    PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 1KW EPS12V 1000W PSU (for geek bragging rights, that's a KILOWATT) - $469

    Zalman 9500 Copper Windtunnel HSF - $60

    ***OK, I got it to $4047, but left the case up to you because of personal taste and aesthetics. Alternately, a setup with 98% of this performance could be had for less than 3k, but its up to you. If you want the changes to bring it down to that point, I can do it, and you would have enough left over to get yourself a nice new 37" LCD TV that would look great playing games.
  22. You should own that Conroe selling on Ebay and around the web. That or if you want a good one then wait for Conroe to hit the shelves. But if you cant wait then FX-60, 2x7900GTX,2x1Gb XMS DDR600, Asus SLI mobo,600watt psu, water cool it with Swiftech ultra and you should be good to go. Granted you could do the rest, that should be a $4000 rig right there.
  23. Why the FX-60.... why not an Opty 165 or 170? Also why water cooling? Why DDR600? Why a 600W PSU?
  24. U should consider this system also:

    MB Asus A8R-MVP-DLX, RD580 CrossFire, S-939, ATX, 2xPCI-Ex16 / 1xPCI-x / 3xPCI / Dual DDR400, U-DMA 133, S-ATA II, Raid 5, SB 8ch.&1394&2xLan 1000 on board.
    CPU AMD Opteron 165 BOX 939 1800 MHz 90 nm BUS 1000 MHz L1: 2 x 128 KB; L2: 2x 1024 KB Denmark; dual-core;
    HDD WDIGITAL 150 GB 10000rpm 15Mb Serial-ATA 300 4,9ms WD740GD
    2 x HDD WDIGITAL 320 GB 7200rpm 8Mb Serial-ATA II 300 8,9ms
    2 x 1Gb DDRAM PC-3500 (400MHz - 2x200MHz) GeIL One CL1.5 (1.5-2-2-5-1) Radiator TCCD chip Termometru ( Kit 2 x 512MB )
    VC Connect3D Radeon X1900 XTX 512Mb GDDR3 PCI Express (256bit) TV-OUT Dual DVI Dual Display VIVO 650/1550(775x2) Fan
    VC Connect3D Radeon X1900 Crossfire 512Mb GDDR3 PCI Express (256bit) TV-OUT Dual DVI Dual Display VIVO 625/1450(725x2) Fan
    CASE THERMALTAKE Armour Black VA8000BWS 530(H)x220(W)x560(D), w/o power supply, 3 Fans, Window
    POWER SUPPLY ATX 680W P IV TUV Thermaltake W0049RE Silent Purepower PFC Activ Two Ways Control, Dual Fan, Dual SATA Connector, PCI Express Connector, Intelligent Cable Management
    MONITOR SAMSUNG SM 940BF 19” TFT 81KHz 1280x1024/75Hz 0.294dp c/s 700/270cd 160/160 (H/V) 2ms G2G TCO99 DVI Silver

    TOTAL: 4270 USD
  25. Hey man, are you aware that 1600x1200 looks better than 1280x1024. Not to mention, you won't even cause those cards to break a sweat at 1280x1024.... much less one of those cards..... see my post above.... don't waste your money.
  26. I have 2 things to mention. You might want to wait for the AMD M2 socket to come out, becuase you want this thing to be future ready, and M2 isn't too far off. Also, you don't need a Crossfire edition card if the motherboard you are buying has the ATI RD580 chipset. Just some things you may consider.
    Also, another thing to mention, don't go for a 19" LCD, with that kind of money, go for a small plasma, or a 30" Mac/Dell screen, you will have the best graphics and run it on some junky small LCD screen? That's basically wasting money on the best video cards because the screen won't show the cards full potential.
  27. If I wast poor!!!
  28. k cool this is what i don't intend on doing or getting:

    - OC'ing
    - Watercooling (i'd rather get that zalman cpu cooler that came up tops in that recient test on THG)

    o yeah and where can i c benchmarks with the opteys vs. the X2's and the like???

    also yeah 4 sure if i can get 98% of the performance for 3000 then cool i actually wouldn't mind a really nice screen (as long as it doesn't blur and supports high res's 1600x1200 or more...)

    so the bigger the screen the better :wink:

    and i am buying this rig next year like between jan-march so if am2/conroe is out then i'm game! :twisted:
  29. Alright I'd just like to comment on the CRT suggestion... wth are you thinking lol. CRT's are nice but they are big, bukly, and annoying as fack. They do have better handling of resolutions as opposed to a LCD's one native resolution but LCD's have come a long way.

    I use a SAmSung 204T 16ms 1600x1200 monitor and it rocks the house. I can't see any ghosting playing BF2/NFSMW. It huge, just plain huge and only weighs 15-20 lbs (idk exact weight). Furthermore Samsung just released an updated version the 204B which is 5ms response time(or so they say). I can't tell you how much I enjoy having the desk space that I freed up by goin LCD.

    Conroe is set for 3Q launch of this year so assuming their performance claim isn't entirely overexaggerated (lets not debate this here) then you should go Conroe.
  30. hey thats my budget (including monitor)

    i have:
    -DVD writer
    -Logitech Z-5500's

    i need:
    (the rest)
    -19" Monitor
    -this case:
    + everything else...

    and yeah it's for extreme gaming so keep that in mind :twisted:


    Check this out:

    2x Skt 940 Opteron 275's
    Tyan S2895 mobo
    2x 7900GT's (or 7900gtx's) in SLI
    4x 1GB Corsair memory
    Creative X-Fi sound
    2x 150GB WD Raptors in RAID0 (off mobo)
    3ware 9550SX-4LP 4xSATA2 controller w/ 3x 400GB WD RAID5 & 1x 400GB scratch drive
    For a case, check out the Chenbro SR170
    PC Power & Cooling 850 psu
    And, whatever monitor floats your boat, but get at least an LCD.

    This machine would be crazy-insane-stoopid-dope. Seriously, if I had $4500 to spend on a machine, this would be it!!!!

    Good luck!
  31. I am not sure how a dual dual core setup would work with memory.... but I know a straight dual core setup normally won't run 4 stick @ 1t..... so I would only get two sticks.... but it may be different.... and also.... you can get by with a good 650W power supply..... 850 would be overkill....
    My system specs....
    Opty 165 A 2.4-2.75 Ghz(depends on how I feel that day)
    Asus A8N SLI premium (passive chipset cooler)
    2x7800gtx's 490/1300
    2 74gb raptors raid 0
    2 250 seagates raid 0
    1 250 maxtor (had 2 in raid 0 other one died)
    2 optical drives
    SB X-FI
    2x1gb Corsiar DDR 500
    Antec Neo Power 480
    My total system draw from the outlet is 285 during games 330 under max load running prime and stressing both cards while transfering data between HDD's..... and at Idle it is about 185. So you would basically have a similar system..... with the exception of another 80Watts or so..... don't need 400 more watts to work with..... just my opinion. Other than that.... if you are going to dump that much money into a system.... which I wouldn't recommend. Wait until the next architectures come out. Just keep in mind, you can build a gaming system that will be just as fast as that for around $1500..... so don't waste your money if you are just playing games like you said.....
  32. I love people who waste money just because they have it.

    That case is a joke. You need dual power supplies why? Even a Lian Li V1100B Plus is only $200 and has just as many hard drive slots, more than enough 5.25 bays, and three chamber cooling. If I was going to spend ass loads for a case I'd get a Koolance case with water cooling.

    I could spend $3000 right now and get the PC of my dreams. Granted thats without a monitor. But I wouldn't spend $1000 on a monitor because I don't want to be forced to play games at 1920x1200. Then you're always going to have to have the latest and greatest hardware to play the newest games at the native resolution with acceptable framerates. 1280x1024 from a good 19" monitor is fine with me.
  33. Tyan Thunder K8HM
    2 x 275 Opteron
    4 GB DDR
    Seagate 7200.9 250GB x2
    2 x 7900GT

    Shake well, get oodles of frames.
  34. Only thing I would change on this is the two 7900 GTX's. Since the only 7900 GTX's you can SLi, are the 256 MB kind, it is actually faster to just get a dual GPU 512 MB 7900 GTX. Forget SLi, its not needed, and it really isn't faster.

  35. Fitcamaro.... common sense is not allowed here..... better keep that on the DL..... you might get flamed.... I have been trying to relay the same message you just said for a week now..... you can build just as fast of a GAMING system for $1500. The only thing I would do differently than you, would be to not use water cooling and buy a 20" monitor.... I like 1600x1200.... but 1280x1024 max settings looks pretty damn good as well. But yeah.... forget about 1920x1200 and wide screen bs. I am playing a game not watching a movie.... and alot of games don't support ws..... at least the game I play. All you have to do to make the BEST gaming pc, is buy an sli board and 2 video cards..... or you can buy one of the best cards.... and buy the next one when you ACTUALLY need it because games tax the one too much.....
  36. why would you need 2 Dual Core opty's for gaming? Would it make ANY difference AT ALL? I can answer that question......
  37. Panther.... for gaming you can build this and won't even know the difference....
    unless you are multitasking, or encoding/number crunching with it.

    Venice 3200 (or any single core when you build it) $157
    2 gb of ddr 400 $160
    250gb Seagate $89
    Asus A8N SLI Premium $159
    Antec Neo 430PSU $85
    One of the fastest video cards $500
    Optical Drive $45
    Case $70
    X-FI $100
    20.1" monitor $450-500

    Total $1800-$1900
    60% less than what other have offered.... same gaming performance......
  38. Send me the money, and I'll send you back a very nice Cardbo... computer.
  39. what?
  40. Quote:
    why would you need 2 Dual Core opty's for gaming? Would it make ANY difference AT ALL? I can answer that question......

    ...common sense is not allowed here...

    That's right, common sense has no place here, not in this discussion... c'mon...the guy claims to have $4500 to spend on a rig...why not get 2 dual core opty's?! He[[, with $4500, GET 2 OF EVERYTHING!!!!! :D :D :D :D

    Let's face it, if common sense was all that common, this thread never would have been started.
  41. Get 2 Cases and 2 Ram Slots!And a mouse with two balls! Damn that sounded wrong.
  42. LOL.... most people who are lacking common sense don't end up with $4500 dollars to just blow..... well... I guess he won't ever need to worry about that problem again...... must be his parents.... Christmas present or something.
  43. Here's what I would do.

    Lian Li V1000BPlus II - $208.99
    LITE-ON Black 16X DVD-ROM - $19.99
    LITE-ON 16X DVD±R DVD Burner W/ 5X DVD-RAM Write -$39.99
    ZALMAN CNPS9500 - $62.99
    Western Digital Raptor 74GB x 2- $320 ($30 rebate on each too)
    Western Digital Caviar 250GB SATA 3.0Gb/s x 2 = $190
    CORSAIR XMS 2GB (2 x 1GB) = $191 ($50 rebate on each too)
    ViewSonic VX924 Black/Silver 19" = $299 ($40 rebate)
    ASUS A8R32-MVP Deluxe = $184.99
    Windows XP Pro x64 = $139.95 (or just get 32-bit)
    SILVERSTONE SST-ST60F ATX 600W = $159.00
    AMD Opteron 17 = $399.00
    Artic Silver 5 = $5.99
    Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi = $106.99
    POWERCOLOR X1900XT 512MB GDDR3 Retail = $439.00 ($20 rebate too)
    POWERCOLOR X1900 CrossFire Edition Retail = $529

    Total Cost with shipping = $3336

    Could do away with Crossfire card if you want. One Raptor for OS drive. One Raptor for games. RAID 0 the two 250GB drives for storage(or don't since speed doesn't matter). Overclock the Opteron to 2.5GHz.

    As I said. Can build me my dream system for around $3000 (not including monitor which is in price above). Send me the $1200 you saved.

    Only thing I'd change if I really had no budget is I'd get the Koolance version of the case I picked. Like $500-600.
  44. dude just spend 3k or less on the pc and get a huge ass monitor
  45. Quote:
    Did sum1 call me crazey???!!! :D

    Well i will be buying this rig early next year in england. it works out to 2500 pounds so yeah i can't wait! :wink:

    I do prefer AMD and nVidia. That just had 2 be said :P

    Does any1 have a similar spec system to the ones stated above?
    if any1 does then how much faster is it compared to my current rig:

    amd athlon XP 2800+
    9600XT 128mb
    512gig ram DDR400
    Gigabyte GA7NNXP mobo

    Can't wait 4 next year!!!!!!!! :twisted:

    Was I the only one that noticed this post? He clearly stated that we will be buying early next year. By that time things will be a lot different and that makes this whole thread completely pointless.

    I was so amazed that everyone else seemed to totally ignore that fact that I even (finally) registered to make this post lol
  46. We don't always read every single post.

    But my question to the guy is why the hell are you asking people to build you a PC now when you're not buying it until next year. By January of next year we'll have new processors, new graphics cards, and a new Operating System available. Hell quad cores will be right around the corner if not available.

    Thats like me saying "Hey I want to buy a holodeck in 2060 and want to plan how much to save."
  47. Yeah, I saw that.... my only point is that he doesn't need to spend $4500 on a damn gaming cpu.... he can get the same performance by spending less than half that amount.
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