problem with usb ports. help!!!

dear all,
I have quite a problem with my usb ports. When I connect any flash memory device (digital camera, flash disk, mp3 players) windows xp tells me that the device is connected and ready to use but when I look for it in 'my computer' it's not there!!! I cannot access the device from anywhere! But the even more strange thing is that the printer and the external hard disk work perfectly! Someone told me to deactivate the wireless firewall (it didn't make sense to me...) but nothing changed! Can anyone help me? thanks!
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  1. Dou you connect memory key behind your pc on board or on front panel?
  2. HI, thanks for replying.
    The usb ports are on the side of my laptop, so I don't think that makes any difference....
  3. What operating system is installed on laptop?
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