Is it just mine 955df or all of them?

I purchased new Samsung SyncMaster 955df monitor from and I have deflection or disortion problem! The bottom line is curved and I see curved text and image on half of the monitor! A person that recomended it says that there is no curve on his 955df. Another pesron said that a mistake was made when the tube was desighned, well if it was a mistkae then ALL series of 955df monitors should have this problem! I think mine is just has a defect! I purchased this product very cheap! Somebody help! Is it ALL 955df series or just mine???
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  1. Almost garaunteed its just yours.

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  2. Wow, I never knew it was that serious - curved text and images on half the screen.
    I thought you just had minor distortion at the bottom.

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  3. ? if u have a curved bottom line and straight text and images everywhere then it is not distortion but broken tube. I have 3mm bottom distortion and all images and texts have 3mm distortion, but for example, my friend can't even see it.(he has 20, 15 vision, which is better then normal 20,20 and it means normaly u have to see 20 degrees 20 feet away, he can see 15 degrees 20 feet away and can't see my 3mm CURVATURE??)
  4. why do u think so or guarantee so? I have been to CompUSA and they had 955df and it had EXACTLY what I'm saying! do u have it?
  5. If no one else has your problem, then it probably is a default. If all of them are like that, like you claim in compusa, then i guess the 955df model just isn't good.
    my 950p model is perfectly fine. no distortion, curved images, or any of the other problems you are having. have you contacted Samsung's Tech Support about your problem?

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  6. I did, they (well it was Sandra so SHE) told ALL of those moitors have 2.5mm bottom distortion, BUT they still recomend it over 950p, becasue of the image quality. And I also wanted to tell you personally that you don't have a distortion BUT because your monitor IS NOT PERFECTLY FLAT ( I know it is NOT very rounded)then image is ALREADY distorted, monitor is great, I already has seen it, I thought that monitors like that are almost flat and have the same image as purely flat ones, but after 955df it is far away from truth, in games the distortion is not noticable, you know action and stuff, when I go online I read curved sentences. hehe...and 955df series IS THE MOST BUYABLE monitor in Samsung history, the reason there are distortions is that new DynaFlat technology is a very hard thing to make, but they use cheaper parts to make KICK ass images (again, I didn't make it up, tech. support told me.)
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