FS: Dell XPS 400 older model $35 + shipping

Win 2k installed, fully updated.

PC Specs and picture
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  1. A bit too old for me though. If you have any ~800mhz+ Pc's let me know.
  2. True, but it will still run server 2003 or anything linux for a cheap web server or what have you.
  3. Yes it will. It will also run MS Vista.
    LOL. Anyways good PC and good price. Too bad shipping will 2x the cost of it. Let me know if you come accross anything faster.
  4. Will vista even let you install with so little RAM? Less than 2 gigs of RAM for Vista is laggy, the last RC was better though.

    I had to add a 128 stick so Server 2003 would let me install that.
    Under 128 it won't even let you.

    I am only charging $35 shipping btw.
  5. No it doesnt meet the minimum requirements.
  6. Do you really work for comptia?

    How about some free cert coupons?
  7. I may blow my cover here....

    But I dont have a single cert. Never needed to get one because the peice of paper cant get me a beter job then where Im at now. If I deside to go more into network management, I will need to get some just as advertising.

    But I recomend to anyone to get the A+ and Network+ as a basic minimum if you want to start in the computer repair field.
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