well i needa buy a new keyboard coz this ps/2 keyboard is startin to bug me with its slow response time, i want to buy a new usb keyboard but ehres so many keyboards out there, so my budget is $100 and lower if possible, can anyone suggest a good keyboard?
(providing a site or picture would b good)
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  1. First off, what are you looking for? Color, entry level or multimedia, with LEDs or not, that sort of thing... Have you tried another keyboard first, maby it's not your kb... And my opinion on a usb kb, it's a waste of space, u can use the usb port for anything els, but your kb ps2?
  2. To be honest I have tried alot of keybourds.... and im kinda hmmm embaressed to say this but the keybourd I find feels best and helps me type faster is the cheap ass ones they sell at Radio Shack $19.99 for a Compaq one :) they just "feel" right I guess ? but keybourds you need to go to the store and try them out see how they feel. Hmmmm yeah the compaq's also need to be broken in takes like a month of typing before my keys feel perfect :) then they last untill some keys either stop working or its just too dirty to clean anymore lol
  3. I don't think you'll have any problems finding a decent usb keyboard for under $100. The Eclipse keyboard by Saitek comes highly recommended. Too rich for my blood though...
  4. Keeping the price "limited" to under $100 isn't saying much... Most keyboards are much less than that. If the $20 one from radio shack gives you what you need in a keyboard, I say get it. If you want something a bit different or flashy then....

    Logitech has many great keyboard/mice combos (MX Series). If your into gaming, thier G15 keyboard is $70 and has 3 banks of 18 macro keys, a programmable LCD display, and a few other toys which make it a great choice.

    There is also the Z-Board. This has a base that you can get alternate snap-in keysets for particular games and programs such as WoW, EQ, CounterStrike, Photoshop, and verious 3D art programs.

    There is also the Optimus LED keyboard that consists of keys made from LEDs. SO you can project any image on those keys you want. Now that may actually cross over the $100 mark your looking at though.

    Ok, going off topic now because this keyboard is about $210, but pretty cool... The projector keyboard (also found at www.iwantoneofthose.com is a small device that projects a laser representation of a QWERTY board on any surface and sends your "key"strokes to a mobile device via BT. Yes, I know that's not what you asked about and I know many people knew about it. But I still would like to try one out...but I digress.

    Some options you may want to consider...
    Black Wired Keyboard - $8.50
    Grey Wired Keyboard - $5.25
    2-Tone Wired Keyboard - $5.25
    2-Tone Wired Keyboard - $24.99
    Black Wired Keyboard - $29.99
    Black Wired Keyboard - $10.80
    Silver/Black Keyboard - $18.99
    Wired Eclipse Keyboard - $46.95

    My preference is the Logitech G15 board because I like toys with LCDs on them. It's just in my blood. Like a parrot repeating myself, if the $20 one does what you need it to and you don't need an LCD, glowing keys, or a laser keyboard it looks like you have your answer.
  5. See, now that's a reply... thanx.
  6. I wonder where action man is?
  7. Then check out this usb keyboard for around $50. It's a pretty good keyboard and I use it both for regular use and gaming. It has some lighted (led) through the keys, it looks pretty cool.

  8. Logitech rox!
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