Items disappearing off of Newegg wishlist

This has happened to me 3 times so far..I put an item on my (saved) wishlist, and it isn't there the next day. The first time this happened, I had placed ram on my wishlist, it disappeared when I looked at the wishlist the next day. So I added it again. Same thing happened about a day later. It has also happened with a processor I put on the wishlist. And yes, these are SAVED wishlist on my newegg account. Any reason why this happens? I bookmark my stuff also, so I'm not worried about losing it, but why is this happening?

Is anyone else having this problem? I really like newegg, so I'd like to see this problem sorted out.

Edit: It just happened again an hour ago :(
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  1. I had this happen in my cart. The reason was that the item I had there was out of stock.
  2. Some have dissappeared on me also but i then realized it was nto an item they sold anymore or it was out of stock or it changed names or description or title.
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