Where can I buy cable ties?

I'm building my first system and need to know where I can buy small and medium sized cable ties.

Any ideas appreciated.

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  1. Your local hardware store.



    Home Depot

    Office Depot

    One of those places must be within walking or driving distance. That way you don't have to pay or shipping and handling.
  2. Get them at the local dollar store, it's cheaper that way.
  3. try walmart in the Automotive department, I got 500 all different sizes and colors for 6 dollars.
  4. Use electrical tape
  5. Eh? I don't know about that. Not the best asthetically. I mean, sure, practically, its pretty good, though not as easy to get around the cables.

  6. If your not bothered about about looks and are getting your cables out of the way for airflow rather than aesthetics, then it's actually quite good. However if you're bothered about what it looks like it's not so great. It permits you to route certain longer cables out of the way in places cable ties don't. Just an alternative suggestion.
  7. I'm just thinking of trying to get a roll around some wires in a tight space. But, you know, if you wrapped the whole set, all the way, it would actually look pretty cool. Not the easiest thing to do, but, you could.


    Best place I know, great service most stuff ships next day.
  9. Try here, cheap and good quality:
  10. Any good local hardware stock stock them, heck even my local supermarket has them.
  11. buy a loaf of bread, use the ties that come with that lol
  12. The last package I have came from Radio Shack - 200 8 " & 100 4", assorted colors.

    Stock # 278-1725, about $8 or $9 dollars. Walmart is probably cheaper.
  13. It all depends on your needs.

    There are velcro cable ties if you want to reuse them again and againd.

    Their are "tear away" ties if you want to use them once and later easily rip them off for temporary setup and breakdown.

    You can also use stainless steel ties if you need it last a long time outdoors.

    You can all of these cable ties at Buy Cable Ties. I bought some tear away zip ties for hanging up my Christmas Lights on my long chan link fence. I went out this morning and popped them all off real easily.
  14. Regular zip ties work just fine. You can get them pretty much anywhere.
  15. If someone need high quality ties or jackets then they have to go for the high price shop.
  16. Your power supply will come with some. If you need more than that go to Home Depot and pick up a tube of plastic ties for $4. That's all you need.
  17. You can buy it from ebay or amazon.
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