X850XT 256Mb or X800GTO 512Mb?


Just building a budget system for my lil sis and had built a system with a Athlon64 3000, 1Gb RAM & the X800GTO. The GTO is going for £107 and is out of stock till tomorrow and the X850 is £135 and loads in stock. Or would a 7600GT be a better buy? at £137?

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  1. I would buy the X850 personally, faster clock speeds, vents the warm air out also. A much better buy IMO.
  2. For that price definitely the X850. And anyway 512MB of VRAM is still rather superfluous unless you're building the ultimate gaming rig
  3. The X850XT is significantly better than the X800GTO. The amount of onboard RAM is a moot point in this case. You might look at the short list thread of the best video cards for the money.
  4. ok well i have had a look around, and the x800xl with 512 mb ram is able to keep up with the x850xt and beat it overall, the x800GTO is sed to keep up with a x800xl so im saying that both cards will be equal and the x800gto may win if ur using say ultra settings in quake, ( this is only going off the assumption that the Vram on the x800gto 512 is gddr 3)
  5. The point you are missing is the piplines 12 on the X800, 16 on the X800GTO, and 16 on the X850 XT. You also have a svideo in on the X850 and the X800 XL which lets you encode video better with a video card or play PS2 on the computer screen. I don't know about the X800 GTO you should check. I have the X850 XT I got the X800 pro in error and the two cards are on a differnant scale.
  6. ok well im just going off what i read on a site. but im sticking with my 6800GS 512mb goes like hell. beats my frends system in 3dmark 05. his is AMD 3800+ 2gb ram and x850xt we took his ram down to 512 to evn this test out tho, i have P4 3.0ghz 512 mb ram and my card, he got 5468 i got 5541, not a big win, but it was a win.
  7. Go for the 7600 GT or X850 XT.

    Don't bother with the X800 GTO. the amount of RAM on a videocard does almost nothing for performance.

    X800 GTO 512 <<<<<<<<<<< X850 XT or 7600 GT

    On a side note, Panzerzero, the GTO is a 12-pipeline card:

    X800 SE: 8 pipelines
    X800 GT: 8 pipelines

    X800: 12 pipelines
    X800 GTO: 12 pipelines
    X800 PRO: 12 pipelines

    X800 XL: 16 pipelines
    X800 XT: 16 pipelines
    X850 XT: 16 pipelines
  8. yea i thnk in this situation cleeve is right, and i chekd the x800gto 512mb DDR2, dont bother its old skool ram.
  9. Thanks for the relpies. This was a quick fly by question before i stopped back later and realised that there was a siilar thread going on including the 7600GT.

    Anyway the X800GTO that was ordered but out of stock has suddenly appeared in-stock and been dispatched before I can do anything 8O So will go with that as I'm sure she will end up only playing Solitaire on the damn thing :) Thanks for the input.
  10. meh u will be fine with the x800gto absolutely nothing wrong with them they go hard. its not like its an outdated piece of shit compared to the x850xt its just not as good..
  11. Well, calling 512MB of memory in a video card "superflous" is perhaps ust a little excessive, it can't quite be underlined enough that the advantage of having that over 256MB of video RAM is currently rather small. Meanwhile, the power advantage of going to an X850XT over an X800GTO (meaning 16 pixel pipes @520MHz, with 1080MHz RAM, instead of 12 pixel pipes @400MHz, with 1000MHz RAM) is rather serious, and easily outweighs any benefit you'd see in having 512MB of RAM:While just about any game can really benefit from more graphics power, games have to be specifically designed to use more video RAM; as of now, I believe only three games, being Doom3, F.E.A.R., and Oblivion will actually use more than 256MB of video RAM. However, that requires that you be using a high level of anisotropic filtering, (which increases the video RAM usage) AND only applies to some scenes. And even in those scenes, you might only be using up to 300MB, all having a 256MB video card means there is that your framerate will be slightly lower, as it will have to "borrow" some RAM from the main system, akin to what integrated graphics does. (but not as bad)

    I think it's safe to say that the extra price is worth the jump, even if you lose 256MB of video RAM.As for the question of whether you go for the X850XT or the 7600GT, it's really an open question; the prices are pretty much the same, and which will fare better depends on the test you put them to:In things like Half-Life2, F.E.A.R., and Oblivion, the X850XT will vary from having the edge, to handing the 7600GT an embarrasing defeat.

    While the 7600GT may promise ludicrously high clock speeds, (560MHz for the core, 1400MHz for the RAM) note that some things detract from it. For the core, it's easy to see; it's a "12-pipeline" card, instead of having 16 pixel pipelines. (note that the gap here isn't as bad as it might seem, given that nVidia's cards tend to do a little better here, clock for clock) As for the video RAM, it's at 1400MHz, but it has only a 128-bit interface, so the BANDWIDTH (the REAL measure of a RAM's speed) is "only" 22.4GB/sec, as opposed to the 34.56GB/sec for the X850XT.

    Even still, the two cards are rather close; either one is a good choice, it seems. Though it's still worth noting that the 7600GT supports shader model 3.0, (required by most games for HDR effects) while the X850XT does not.

    Lastly, on the issue of the coolers; the X850XT does have a "two-slot" cooler, meaning it's going to block whatever slot's right beside it. Also, the fan can be noisy at times, most notably at startup, but if the case is kept clean of dust, it's normally fairly quiet. Lastly, because it has a vent, the card tends to run much cooler than video cards with a "one-slot" cooler, like the 7600GT. Again, this is largely a matter of taste.Hope this wasn't too confusing.
  12. I used the word "superfluous", not Caimbeul and perhaps you should look it up because "superfluous" means "unecessary/more than enough". Same thing you were saying: No one really needs 512MB of VRAM yet
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