Can I just pay a Lower price for a Mobile Athlon ????

Hey, I just want to buy an athlon 64 3200 for a cheap price, but just the other day I was looking on ebay and i noticed that mobile 3200 sckt 939 are way cheaper than the desktop version.
So is the mobile 3200 a weaker version of the desktop one or should I stay away from it. I would prefer to get the mobile 3200+ beause it is cheaper and uses less power but if it underclocked from its desktop cousin then I dont want it.

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  1. as far as I know they should be the same except the mobile can take more heat.

    word of warning ebay+computer hardware=crap

    dont buy computer stuff from ebay, there are some ppl that will send you good stuff but I would say many more will just send you stuff doa and you cant get your money back.
  2. Hmm, he makes a good point. I've never been ripped off before but I'm sure it happens. If you're willing to risk it, that's cool.

    If it's from a store or powerseller you should be okay, though.
  3. I wouldn't go so far to say there are many more people who will rip you off. Are there people that will rip you off? Sure. Are there more of those people than honest people on ebay? No.

    As for mobiles taking more heat, the truth is they will just run at a lower voltage. I doubt they have any built in tolerance to heat.

    I'm not too knowledgable about 939 mobiles [if they even exist, I don't know], but the XP mobiles were just cherry picked XP's, so in those cases the answer was yes, you could use them the same.
  4. I didn't know there were S939 Athlon 64 Mobile CPUs.

    You sure it's not a S754?
  5. Quote:
    mobile 3200 sckt 939

    8O No can do.

  6. The MT Turions are all 754. I can't seem to find the one you are looking at. If you have a 939 motherboard right now I think you'll have a major issue. :D
    However, with the MT you'll save on power 25 watt is sweet. Cut you electric bill. The normal 90nm was like 85 watts on Tom's hardware.
  7. With mobile chips they usually run them on a reduced fsb/htt and increase the multiplier to pump the cpu speed up. They also reduce the core voltage. That's why they will run with less power. But, if you run them in a desktop you'll likely want to increase the buss speed back to normal desktop speeds and you may have to increase the voltage too, so any power saving will disappear.
  8. Yes, but to my knowledge there are no DTRs in S939. I only knew about the Athlon XP Mobiles, S754 mobiles and Turions. I could be wrong here, but this sounds sort of suspicious. Especially since the OP found it on eBay.
  9. That may be true, but the general idea about mobiles is the same and I was commenting on what was said about them running with less power and/or less heat, and why it may not be true if running them in a desktop with typical desktop settings.
  10. only mobiles i see for athlon 64 are in socket 754 on newegg... away, run far away.
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