Do they make any PCI-X graphics cards >?

I need a second GPU that must be PCI-X (extended) and not PCI-E (express).
I have on my motherboard two PCI express slots, one has the Quadro FX540 and the other is using a PCIexpress video editing card. So I cant use two PCI-E cards. I have plenty of free PCI-X slots, and one PCI slot that is in use by my audio card.
Whats a guy to do with this problem???? I dont see any thing on the market for me. I also need dual monitor supprot from this hypothetical PCI-X card.

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  1. as far as i know, pci-x is backwards compatible with pci.
    then, you can use an average pci video card...
  2. It seems that they are backward compatible, and there are PCI-X cards out there, mainly workstation cards. Matrox has a card called the Parhelia, they seem to be kind of rare, but some info can be found here:
  3. the Parhelia DL256 is great for 30" LCDs :) also good for dual monitor.

    The Matrox QID Pro is the king of PCI-X with quad monitor. both cards can sit in a PCI-X or PCI sl0t, workstation and desktop(speaking from personal experience).
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