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In our office we use Avaya VOIP server, I am currently searching for
a Linux softphone which will work with Avaya system. I have tried
sjphone,cphone and other linux H323 softphone clients.

Can any one please suggest me a good Linux based softphone which will
work with Avaya.

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  1. During my searching for the VOIP solution i found http://VOIPSIPSDK.com
    which offering many Freature that include:
    * Registrar support
    * Dynamically loadable codecs
    * SIP Proxy authentication
    * Multi-party voice conference
    * Play wav files into conversation
    * Record conversation into file
    * Hold/Retrieve call
    * Forward Call (Blind Call Transfer)
    * Transfer Call (Attended Transfer)
    * Mute Sound
    * Authorization Id
    * Noise reduction
    * Auto gain

    And Many Other services they offer

    many Available codecs:
    * G.711-ALaw
    * G.711-uLaw
    * G.726 (16k 24k 32k 40k)
    * G.729
    * G.729A
    * iLBC
    * LPC-10
    * Speex (Narrow, Wide)
    * g723.1Before
    Before I will Buy its Premier version I would like to get reviews from Peoples experience.
    Here's Softphone screenShot
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