in need of PS 3.0 card, how about this

okay guys, im in need of advise. ill have about 130-160 dollars and the card that i can think of buying is the radeon x1600pro 512mb card. Now i had asked in a previous thread about the x1600 pro 256 mb being about the same proformance as the x800 gt 256 mb card. Now i just want to make sure i will be getting some if not much of a performance buying the x1600 pro 512mb card over my already x800 gt 256 agp card. NOw im more interested in the x1600 pro because it has pixle shader 3.0, not that it will be much of a performance gap. Now i will only be out about 10-20 dollars on buying this card so money isnt a issue but i dont want to go oever the amount i stated earyler. Now can anyone out there think of a better card that has pixel shader 3.0 and at least 256mb memory that i can get for around 130-160 dollars, verses the 512mb x1600 pro agp card.?
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  1. IMO, that's not really an upgrade and not worth doing. (sorry, had to get that off my chest) :roll:

    But since the 6800GS is out of your price range, if you must have sm3, then that's about all you will get. Any 6600GT or 6800 for your price range will be a 128MB version or the crippled 128-bit Asus 6800 512MB junker.

    SM3, AGP, 256MB, and under $160; sorry to say I can't help but to say the 6800GS is the card you want if you can find a big sale.
  2. i just want to make sure i wont be loosing performance by making the switch. The card will be mostly for Ghost recon advance warfighter. I just dont wont to go down in performance.
  3. Honestly, in most games I think it will be a clear downgrade going X800GT to X1600 pro. The X1600's are weird cards doing suprising well at times and aweful other times.

    Digit-lifes PCI-e charts have both the X800GT and the X1600 pro. CHeck the clock speeds to see if they are the same as you are talking about; they probably are the same. I only looked at a couple games, but in those the X800GT>1600 pro. Although your game isn't there, check out the other games that matter most to you.
  4. 512 on that card is completely useless, you will see absolutely no performance benefit over a 256 card.
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