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My pc crashes while playing games and even when im surfing the web. It's brand new and i don't think it's the hardware. When i turn the pc on it freezes after a few minutes and i have to reboot and the it works fine. But when i play some games like Guild Wars and BFME2 it crashes again and on Guild Wars it makes a high pitched screeching sound and i have to reboot. I have installed windows(xp) numerous times with the same result. Is it my psu? If not what is it?

p4 570j 3.8ghz
msi nx7800gt
ramos 2gig ddr2 ram
300gig hard drive
windows xp
thermaltake 430w psu
asus p5nd2-sli
realtek AC'97 audio

plz help
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  1. With a setup like that the only thing that would lead me to believe is your PSU, there should be no video lag, or anything. Maybe a defective piece of hardware, but it is kind of unlikely. On the side of your PSU, there should be a label with a chart usually. Tell me how many amperages are on the +12v rail. I haven't heard many great things about the Thermaltake PSUs. Also, what are your temperatures at? Does your PC totally reboot when you play a game? And is the screeching sound coming from your PSU?
  2. The sound comes from the speakers. It rarely reboots, it usually just freezes and i have to manually reboot. The first time i turn it on it freezes when im not doing anything, i restart then it's fine in windows but in some games it still freezes. As for my psu, there isn't any chart on it or anything, is it possible to check from my BIOS?
  3. It's not possible to see what your +12v rail is through your BIOS or any software that I know of unfortunately. The only way to find out is know your brand, and model, or check the side of your PSU for it, usually the label will be facing you when you take the panel off, unless you installed it backwards, which really doesn't matter.
  4. my temps are

    cpu-idle 37-59oC
  5. I didn't install the psu so I don't know if it's the wrong way around. I'll seen if i can find my psu specs online.
  6. I didn't install the psu so I don't know if it's the wrong way around. I'll seen if i can find my psu specs online.
  7. i checked and I have 11amps on the +12v rail.
  8. are you using updated drivers for all hardware parts?

    do you experience power variations at your house?
  9. yes, i have the latest drivers for my hardware as for power variations, no.
  10. well, random freezes usually are hardware related... it could be anything since driver to overheating... it can be bios related too. you can try updating in as last case

    you said it's new... you assembled for yourself or is it pre-assembled? if so, you can rma or something
  11. I bought the pc of the internet and it was custom made. Will updating the BIOS auto detect the normal setting so it won't crash anymore?
  12. hmmm no
    if you update it will reset to factory default, which doesnt necessarily means it will work. you'll probably have to change something

    if you bought it custom built, you should contact the vendor and call for assistance before doing anything for yourself
  13. Yea, well i'm pretty stuffed since i bought my pc of trademe.co.nz and the seller has been banned.
  14. How do i tell if my hardware is faulty? I went to device manager and it says that everything is working fine.
  15. uh... then you're f*cked :P
    you can try looking at bios settings before updating... if it has some kind of memory os cpu overclocking, and check for power voltages
  16. Yep, i sure am. Also, I haven't done any overclocking. What should i check when i look at the voltages?
  17. that's the hardest part... one method is to eliminate components one by one, for example: change your video card... if it crashes, then it's not your video card and you do the same with other component.

    ah, you can try to look at http://www.memtest.org/, it's a memory test.
    bad memory can lead to freezes or sudden reboots...
  18. check if they're between a +/- 5% margin from reference
  19. Ok, thanks a lot. I think i will start with the video card causemy warranty is basically viod anyway. Ill try take the memory sticks out too. But the weird thing is that the crashes aren't exactly random. Every time i turn the pc on it freezes after a few min and then it only freezes when im playing games. If it was a hardware malfunction wouldn't keep freezing after i've restarted the pc after the first crash? My pc crashed this morning and i've been on it for a few hours surfing the web and i haven't crashed. But if i now go on a game it does....
  20. you welcome :)
    please ask anything and i'll try to help if i can
  21. Is it possible that it's a software issue because the pc only freezes at certain times and only on certain applications?
  22. Quote:
    i checked and I have 11amps on the +12v rail.

    Can you provide a link? 11amps on the +12v rail in a 430w PSU seems very low. that only provides 132 watts of power for your CPU, GPU, motherboard, fans, and hard drives.
  23. I found the details on the back of the pc where the back of the psu is. The info is partly covered by the metal rails, it is 11amps but it might have 2 +12v rails.....
  24. I think the model is Thermaltake T-8020a. I can't read it properly but I think it's that.
  25. Quote:
    I found the details on the back of the pc where the back of the psu is. The info is partly covered by the metal rails, it is 11amps but it might have 2 +12v rails.....

    I can't find and info on the Thermaltake T-8020a. Even on Thermaltake's website. It might be an OEM part for system builders only.

    Yeah, you should have two 12v rails and a 430w typically can provide around 24 - 28 amps on the 12v rails for a minimum total of 228 watts. That is more than enough power for your system so that rules out the PSU.

    I think you have a device driver issue. Since you have on-board sound try to disable it in the BIOS and uninstall the audio driver using "Add/Remove Software" from the Control Panel. Look for something that says "Audio" or "Sound".

    Reboot and try surfing the web and playing a game without sound (yes quite boring but we need to do some testing). If that solves it then download the lastest drivers for the ob-board sound and install. But first reboot and go into the BIOS to re-enable the sound first, otherwise the on-board sound will not be recognized.
  26. it can be damaged memory for example... when you load a software that uses a damaged part of the memory the computer will freeze.. if that part is not used then it runs fine
  27. Is your PSU a Thermaltake PurePower? Thermaltake makes a 430 Watt Purepower PSU, which it only has 1 12v rail with 18 amps on it. I think that you need a new PSU, or try to unscrew it so you can see if it has a 2nd 12v rail, which I highly doubt it will.
  28. If you had said you were running TWO graphics cards in SLI, I'd suspect the power supply, but at first glance, *assuming* you are using a fairly recent 430 watt power supply with 24 pins, it looks fine.

    I've had a random lockup issue twice in the past where it wasn't software OR hardware. It was firmware. A motherboard BIOS update solved the problem. Check if you have the most recent BIOS, and good luck.
  29. First, flash you BIOS to the latest release

    This could be a driver conflict, so when you are in BIOS, disable the Onboard AC '97 sound, and try running the system without it.

    If that doesn't work, remove one memory module, try booting up and if you get the same error, insert that module back and remove the other one. That should cover any defective memory.

    Furthermore, check all heatsink and fan connections. It's probably not a heat issue, but check anyway. The CPU hsf, the GPU hsf, and the case fans all need to be checked.

    Finally, yes, it could be the PSU. When a system draws more power than the PSU can put out, it will normally reboot, freeze, or turn itself off for no other obvious reason. The screeching thing is new to me, but stranger things have happened. And the low Amperage level on that 12v rail does seem suspect, so you would probably want to consider a new PSU regardless of the ultimate conclusion because a failed PSU has the bad habit of toasting other components when it dies, namely the Mobo, GPU or HDD's.
  30. If it crashes during gaming then I would seriously consider the graphics card as the source of the crashes. I purchased an over-clocked BFG 6600GT video card that "hung" the system consistently whenever the kids played the Sims 2. Once I swapped the video card out for something that was not over-clocked all was well. My 2 cents. :wink:
  31. Are you running the latest Nvidia drivers? I highly doubt it's his videocard, that card will beable to run Guild Wars and BFME2 fine on the highest settings. It may be defective though. Do you have another videocard to try out?
  32. download memtest to test your ram. if your bios has more than one option to set default choose the most basic option or you can manually change your ram timings to a lower setting or maybe increase your ram voltage to improve stability if your comfortable with that. the are alot poeple here who can much more information about than i can. goodluck
  33. Heheh I've got a Antec NeoHE 550Watt pau, and it runs soooo quiet.
    I'm very happy with waht I got :twisted:
  34. Thanks for the support guys:). If it's my gpu i'm totally stuffed cause i don't have money to buy a new one. Yea i have another video card, nvidia geforce fx 5200. I doubt it's my graphics though because it doesn't happen on all games. Also my memory is Ramos....never heard of the brand. Is it any good?
  35. Ok. I have disabled the AC'97. Now i have to turn my pc off for 30min then switch it back on to see if it freezes.(fingers crossed)
  36. I have enable AC'97 again because the computer still froze when it was disabled.
  37. AC'97 is just your integrated audio, which I doubt that would be a problem on start up. Have you updated your video drivers to the latest version yet? Also, I've never heard of Ramos.
  38. I don't think you guys understand the problem fully. Let me make it clear. The pc doesn't only freeze on games, it also freezes about 5min after i turn it on, i then restart it and it works fine until i play a game but it only freezes on SOME games. Do you know what might cause the pc to freeze when it's turned on but not after it's restarted.....that is what i find weirdest. This leads me to believe that it's not the hardware.
  39. YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!

    The problem has been fixed!! Thanks a lot for your support and help people. The problem was a faulty RAM module which i took out and now the pc works perfectly!
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