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Killing LEDs - Stopping them from lighting up

Last response: in Components
April 26, 2006 4:23:25 AM


Does anyone know if its possible on most fans, particularly those built into the rotating fan itself, to remove the power to the LEDs.

Im sick and tired of seeing every manufacturer sticking Blue LEDs into every product, theres items which i dont want lighting up, and items i'd rather have an alternative colour if i was to have any light, but to have a case lit with red/yellow/green whatever only to have some company slap a big bright blue led in the middle of it, it kinda spoils things.

Asside from smashing it up, what can i do to kill the blueness taking over PCs these days, i cant be the only one thinking its all getting a little bit dated surely??

When the PS2 came out, i instantly fell inlove with that sexeh blue led, now it seems to be on every fan, display, anything and everything that needs power seems to be given a blue led just to give it 'Uber' status.
Death to the blue LED!!!
April 26, 2006 5:14:41 AM

you can say what u want about the ps2 but ill be damned if you talk about blue LEDs
April 26, 2006 5:24:58 AM

Blue LEDs = Sexeh
Blue LEDs in products you dont want em in = f**king annoying :p 

Im planning on buying an Thermaltake Armor in the next couple of days (or month if they hurry up with the new version w/ 250mm side fan!) and in there i'd planned to stick non lighting cooling fans (Akasa Amber series) and then probably add various lighting inside it if i wanted to, and having the X-Fi Fragboi edition with its little red Fatal1ty logo i figured red wouldnt be so bad and would actually fit the surroundings, but then theres been a few products which ive reluctantly decided against buying because they insist on ramming blue LEDs down the necks of anyone wanting to buy something electrical, its just getting a little tiresome.
At this moment in time, if Zalmans released a 9500 CPU cooler with the $15/£10 pricetag and a damn red (or no) LED in there, i'd take it, extremely reluctantly though!

Now my plan is to destroy all the carp which has blue LEDs in it so they no longer function.

Blue LEDs are for PS2's and nothing more (that i can think of right now at least, maybe PS3's hehe) :p 
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April 26, 2006 6:27:15 AM

For the most part I agree. The only product I went out of my way to buy for it's blue LED glow is my Saitek Eclipse Keyboard, they make a red LED version too.

Other than that no. I build my PC not to be "loud" both visually and acoustically. My Centurion 532 came with a blue LED fan which I promptly replaced with a Nexus 120mm Black & White fan.
April 26, 2006 9:04:08 PM

hm srry i have no answer but my sony VAIO came witha blue LED tha tlit th e"VIAO" symbol on my PC, realyl bright got pissed un-plugged it :) 
April 26, 2006 9:26:17 PM

mmmmm.....PS2 blue LED......yum yum yum. LED in the Apple logo on the lid of my PowerBook......yum yum yum.

Blue LEDs in my friend's ThermalTake Xaser Tsunami? Pass the bucket.

You could always just take the fans out and buy another one for :o  $5.
April 27, 2006 3:06:24 AM

Its mainly the items which have the LED fitting inside them, not just the fans, things like Fan controllers, CPU Heatsinks (Zalmans 9500 & others) and stuff like that.
I guess on some items i could snip them at the LED, but i'd only know if thats possible when i've bought the item, which isnt much use to me, so instead im left with inferior products just cos they dont have blue in them :( 
April 27, 2006 3:36:10 AM

"Duct Tape Fixeth all...." I think I seen that in the bible or something :p  heheheh yeah just put a peice over the offending light :) 
May 16, 2006 11:31:12 PM


I started this thread a few weeks back because i didnt want the Blue LEDs, which were built into certain devices, inside my computer as i was trying to deck it out with Red lighting.

In the end i decided not to be so petty and just get the Zalman CNPS9500 CPU cooler as it seems to be one of the best out there and one blue LED wouldnt be so bad (it starts that way anyway! the b*ggers mate i swear!) so earlier today my brand spanking new CNPS9500 turned up, i had a nosey at it, unscrewed the fan and had a look for some LEDs, when powering it up its clear to see the LEDs are right at the front of the fan and i realised i couldnt just snip at an LED so i was stuck with a Blue LED.... or so it thought ;) 

I work for a US company who make modelling paints (for the RC market in particular) called Spaz Stix Inc, we specialise in Colour change & Chrome paints and i realised while i had the fan detached from the rest of the cooler, that i could quiet easily black the clear plastic fan and stop any light from coming through!
Then i realised i could then apply a chrome coat and it'd look better than it being black, so i got some 3mm masking tape to protect the small opening between the fan and the stationary mount the fan is mounted to so paint didnt get in there, and then set off to work armed with an airbrush and some black paint.
Whilst applying the the chrome coats i wasnt overly impressed with the idea of it being chrome, and decided to use some of the colour tints (Hard Metal Anodized) paints we make and i was considering spraying it Candy Apple red which is a stunning colour, and fits in with my scheme and the Zalman + Fata1ity deal, but instead opted to go with Orange, and the end product looks pretty impressive as the pics below will show. Theres very little difference in colour between the copper cooler and the newly painted fan.


The only light now visable is only what comes out the gap behind the fan and theres not really much i can do about that, but the vast majority of the blue light is now blocked so hopefully once i get the other items im waiting on (almost everything except a CPU cooler! ;) ) it should be spot on.
May 16, 2006 11:58:07 PM

very nifty idea
May 17, 2006 12:51:37 AM

Wow, thats a great idea... and it looks pretty sweet!

Other than covering LED's up, you could overvolt and fry them and hope your motor doesn't burn out too :twisted: car battery maybe???

Having a glowing computer is cool in some senses, but after a while it can get annoying. I actually go out of my way to find non-LED'd products. Computers should be seen comfortably and definitely not heard.
May 17, 2006 7:31:27 PM

nice ideea !
PS: blue LEDs are sweet, like them ! :D 
May 17, 2006 7:42:41 PM

Thanks for the comments guys :) 

Re: Blue LEDs
As i mentioned a while back, nothing against them on the whole, when i first got my PS2 and powered that up, i fell in love with it straight away, i dont recall having seen any Blue LEDs before then, though i find it hard to believe they werent out there, just probably not as common as Red, Green & Amber ones. My only problem with them is that these days every powered peice of hardware inside a computer seems to *require* a blue LED in order for it to work, asside from the Fatal1ty range and case fans, is there any items out there which actually use an LED which isnt Blue?

As i say, nothing against 'blue' on the whole (despite my Footie team playing in red, and rivals playing in blue) however my room is blue, my last PC had blue lighting in there too, but thats all good and well as long as you want blue, if you dont, its just forced upon you as i found when trying to buy a high quality CPU cooler, had the made a non LED version, or even better a red/Fatal1ty version then I genuinely (but reluctantly) would have paid the extra just for them to remove that damn blue LED in there!