Win Explorer crashes and restarts....

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Okay so the problem started yesterday. My laptop was acting fine all day and then suddenly the window comes up saying the explorer has crashed and is restarting. I was particularly alarmed since this happens every once in a while. Except the difference is it crashes, restarts, crashes, restarts indefinitely. However if I end the explorer through the Task Manager BEFORE it crashes, then I don't have a problem.

I figured it was probably all the files that I had been downloading and saving to the desktop. So I rebooted into safe mode, moved all the files to my External HDD and restarted again. Now it crashes and restarts every time I try to log into my account. I can log into a Guest again with NO problems.

It seems like something's wrong during startup. So I uninstalled everything including services that I had installed that day. No Luck. Now I am at a complete loss.

Could something have happened to one of the other services and it's having problems? Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I think I just figured out the problem. I took a look at the Event Logs and explorer is having a problem with a DivX module. The DivX player has been having problems for a while now (I crashes when I try to play a video).

    I am going to uninstall the player and everything and restart. I'll let you guys know what happens.
  2. Uninstalling DivX did the trick and there are no problems now. Too bad I didn't think to look at the Event logs before coming here for help!
  3. Im trying to uninstall DivX.. But it wont.. :-(.. what if i go to program files and Delete the DivX Folder??
  4. @georgyds
    I wouldn't recommend that you even think about doing something like that.
    Try using a third party software to uninstall divx: revo uninstaller, your uninstaller, total uninstaller, just to name a few.
    If it still proves stubborn, try uninstalling it in safe mode ( using one of above mentioned uninstallers)
    If it comes to the worst, try system restore to a point before divx was installed.
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