MSI sux compared to gigabyte or asus?

i was wondering on other forum sites such as the pure pwnage forums hardware and software section and i noticed alot of ppl say MSI motherboards suk really bad and they all choose asus or gigabyte, though som ppl in these forums go for it, any reason y ppl out there actually hate MSI so mch or do they really jus suk
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  1. PurePwnage forums. Nice.

    I've not had good experience with MSI AMD boards as far as performace is concerned. The last system I built with MSI boards was an XP1700+, to put my dislike of their boards in context.

    Asus AMD boards aren't too great either, worst one's I've used were the A7A-266-E (dodgy chipset) and an nForce 1 mATX board. The Intel boards have a better rep, but I've not got so much experience with them.

    I've only had experience with AMD Gigabyte boards, but they've all been pretty good.

    I think it depends a lot on the chipset.
  2. sold his hair for $4200 rite? fken pro
  3. :lol: hair :lol:
    once upon a time there was one very good msi board with nforce3.
    But when nfoece4 came out i heard nothing.
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