nvidia 7900 gtx vs. ati x1900 xtx?

Has anyone seen a comparison? Preferably complete with benchmarks...
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  1. I guess I wasn't too clear about what I meant about benchmarks....

    I mean the 7900 vs 1900 in single card and sli vs x fire, heat and noise comparisons, power usage, etc., as well as the basic 'bragging rights' benchmarks.

    Believe me, I haven't found that level of detail yet.

    I know generally that a 1900 going full bore is 'noisier' than a 7900, but that is not a benchmark. How many DB's each? And I've never seen a heat comparison of either. Which one draws more watts and at what level of usage?

    Sorry if I wasn't clear....

    edit: I did find a website that does a fairly thourough job, link follows...


    Please note the wattage draws... I have to assume that wattage = heat, and possibly (probably) inside the case. Still no DB ratings.
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