Problem with GeForce 6800GT installation

I just got a GeForce 6800GT PCI-E graphics card and tried to install it, it was all going well until I got to the part where I had to connect a power cable supplied with the card to a cable in the PSU. It won't reach. The PSU is just too far away. I don't know the name of the cable (not the most tech-savvy person in the world)
but it has a six pin connector for the card and two three pin connectors, and multi coloured wires. For now I just have the card powered from the outside, like my old graphics card. I'm going to try to get an extension for the cable today, but there's another problem. My PSU is only 305 watts, and the manual for the card says to have at least a 380 watt PSU. Does this mean I need to get a new PSU as well? :( Or will this be resloved if I manage to connect it the way it was originally meant to be? Thanks in advance.
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  1. Yup, I picked up a few of those in town today, and everything's plugged in. Nothing's blown up so far... but I've stopped getting the message that the card isn't getting enough power. Is there any way to check the card's current clock speed?
    Oh, and I'm not using one side or the cable that came with the card, is that ok?
    btw thanks for such a swift reply vulefu :D
  2. If you aren't getting the message anymore, the card is getting sufficient power to run at its default speed. You can download Coolbits and add those entries to the registry and then you will have a lot more information available from the Forceware panel, including the speed the CPU and memory are running at.
  3. Cool, thanks steckman :D I'll download coolbits now.
  4. Nothing man!

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