PSU, mobo or wireless PCI-adapter-problem???


Since the moment I added new RAM and a laser mouse (charging second li-ion battery via USB while I'm working) I'm experiencing a weird problem. When I got rebooted, my wireless PCI-adapter doesn't find the network and I think I found the problem but don't really understand.

If I don't overclock at all (2244 Mhz, 204/66/33, Vcore 1.5V, AGPV 1.55V, DDRV 2.65V, NBV 1.55V, SBV 2.5V and HTV 1.2V, the wireless PCI-adapter can't find the network...
But when I overclock a little (2310 Mhz, 210/66/33, Vcore 1.6V, AGPV 1.6V, DDRV 2.65V, NBV 1.55V, SBV 2.55V and HTV 1.25V, my wireless PCI-adapter finds the network almost immediately.

I'm working now on 2310 Mhz but from time to time my system freezes or reboots itself and than my wireless PCI-adapter can't find a network for some time even on 2310 Mhz...

I don't think it's the RAM because memtest86 doesn't give problems at all but I must admit a few days ago I received an hardware failure-error in Prime95 when doing the middle 'lots of CPU and Heat- test' when turning on 2310 Mhz even that the temps didn't get that high...

I have also reinstalled my whole system, problem persists...

I have a 340 Watt PSU from Chieftec (I think 15 A) since 2002 of which my reseller says it's a very good PSU cause I am not really an overclocker or use heavy software or hardware. I'm using an Abit AV8 mobo and an AMD 64 3500+ CPU and an ATI Radeon 8500 64 MB videocard, for the rest nothing special in my system...

Can someone please give me an answer cause I need my pc for work and I'm having already problems for almost a week...

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Quote:
    Since the moment I added new RAM

    Memtest runs in DOS before the OP/SYS has loaded at all, just because Memtest86 reports no errors when it runs, doesn't mean it won't produce errors in Windows from RAM incompatability.

    The best thing for you to do is remove the additional RAM and see if the problem disappears.
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