Strange problem with x1900 CF + x1900xtx

First post here. Got recommended by a friend to try my luck here :D

The problem is this:
When starting a game (WoW, oblivion, Battle for middle earth2, etc etc) the image starts shaking. The entire image moves, very little but very noticeable, from left to right, all the time!
I have the official 6.4 catalyst installed, and the monitor works fine on my older rig with an 9800pro.

The new rig:
x1900 CF + x1900xtx
AMD X2 4400+
Asus A8R-MVP
4*512 corsair 3200 memory, normal timings.
WD Raptor 36GB
Hyundai L90D+

Any help or a hint of what to do would be most appreciated, as i don't really know what to do next.
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  1. No, i have not tried 6.3 catalyst. Everything else is up to date..
    I have tried 6.1 without any changes.
    The 9800pro is running on 6.1 catalyst flawlessly.

    I've heard about Omega drivers, is those worth giving a shot? And if so, where can i get them and which should i use ?

    The PSU i probably not the problem, i'm using a Hiper 580W.

    Use the latest.

    Do you have microsoft .net framework 1.1 or 2 installed?
  3. I have not tried to disable one card to see if the problem persists, thou i will do it asap, will report back here with what i found out.

    Framework 1.1 currently installed. You recommend me to upgrade to 2.0 ?
  4. definitely use .net 2.0

    I have seen it improve a few "twitchy" things w/ the ccc. No show stoppers mind you, just little occasional wierdness things. Nothing like what you are saying but you never know.

    I also never used omega, but lots of ppl swear by 'em.
  5. Yeah upgrade to .net 2.

    I got 1 computer with the omega drivers on it and it smoothed out a few little bugs on it. The other has Ati drivers.
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