New Asus P4P800-E Deluxe recognize old RAID 0 volume?

I've had an ABS Awesome 5500 for about two and a half years now. The motherboard on this machine has blown 4 times now. I started with a Gigabyte GA-8KNXP and the last one to go was a GA-8IK1100. ABS (after about a month and a half of down time) is now sending me an Asus P4P800-E Deluxe to replace it.

I ran a RAID 0 configuration on the GA-8IK1100 via the southbridge and I'm wondering if I get the right settings in the BIOS on the new Asus P4P800-E Deluxe will it be able to recognize my old RAID 0 volume.

Here are my thoughts. I'm planning on hooking up my old SATA drives (the RAID 0 volume) to the plugs controlled by the southbridge on the Asus. The Asus has the same southbridge as my old GA-8IK1100 with IHCR5. If I enter the BIOS and set it to run the RAID from the southbridge, will the RAID BIOS see the old volume? If so, are there any other major problems that I might run into?

I would really like to get this to work because I use 50 or more programs and I don't want to have to reinstall all of them and get their settings back to the way I had them. Thanks for any help/advice you can offer.


P.S. I don't recommend buying an ABS computer. Like I said, this computer has gone down four times with the motherboard shorting out. I purchased the longest extended warranty they had, but they are a pain to work with and have taken close to two months to get me this motherboard. They use 2netservice for their extended warranty work and they have got to be the worst service company around. On my first call with this blown motherboard they told me I'd have the replacement within a week. When I didn't hear anything for a week I called them back. When someone finally talked to me they told me they had it and were testing it and that I should have it in a couple of days. I still didn't get it so I called back again. I left mutiple messages. No one called me back. This went on for a week or so. Finally after a month and a half they told me they don't do work for ABS anymore and I'd have to take it up with them. My point is: unless you like pulling your hair out and not having your computer to work on don't buy from ABS or any other company that uses 2netservice for their extended warranty. I'm hoping this Asus board will hold up better than the Gigabyte ones.
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  1. I ran in to the same situation a few weeks ago. I had a MSI motherboard with the IHCR5 southbridge and the RAID controller died on me. I replaced the mainboard with the Asus P4P800-E Deluxe because they have the same southbridge and when I brought up the system it recognised the RAID without changing any settings. I just loaded the default setting in the BIOS and then changed the setttings to SATA on the BIOS screen 1. Unfortunately for me before I had done this I had tried to rescue the previous build on the MSI board and this messed up the mirror and the OS would only load in safe mode. So if you haven't played with the hard drives since it went down you should have no problems. BTW if you need to rebuild the system the documentation does not tell you where to dig out the intel RAID driver only the Promise RAID, look for the INTEL RAID driver under Drivers Chipset IAA
  2. Somehack, you were right. All I had to do was change the couple of settings in the BIOS and it recognized it. I didn't even have to do anything with the option ROM. When Windows started up it found a bunch of new devices of course (since I changed out the motherboard), but after loading the drivers it's back to the way it left me two months ago. Thanks for your help.

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