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Hi again...I have some more info...still trying to find video card for this thing thats half way decent...cant play any games...fps go's....motherboard is a ....MS-7207G....chipset.....nvidia n force 410/430.....It does say that it has a PCI-express slot.....shared memory 128mb video card g force 6100....memory 1024mb (2 x 512 DDR)....hope that can help me out..Can anybody tell me what video card I can buy or the type? I've never done it is it hard to do?.....Or is this card good and I dont know what I"m doing....Thanks
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  1. If it is a pci x16 slot then you can buy like any new graphics card. So you will have tons of options. Look inside the case and compare the top slot (nearest to the cpu) in the PCI/PCI ex row to images of pci express slots on google. Figure out what you have physically, and then we can go from there.

    I would think it is an X16 slot, and if it is, what is your budget?
  2. Yes it supports PCI-E x 16 slot....Would it still be hard to put in? Can a noob do it? Have about $150 but if it works in etc..The boss might spend more
  3. I'm running oblivion at 9 fps will any of these upgrades make the game game play me out people...I really dont know what to do
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