which is better 2 x Xeon or 1 x dual core ?

I have been offered the pick of either of two systems at work

first is a DELL Precision 530 with dual P4 1.7 Ghz Xeons

second is a DELL SC 430 with one dual core 3.2 Ghz CPU

both have the same size memory , both have the same hard drives in RAID 0

i do autocad from home office and moonlight with commodities / stock market trading applications

which is the better pick ? , i cant test them out until i sign for one of them.
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  1. The dual-core 3.2 will stomp all over the dual 1.7 Xeons. No comparison. You'll have 2 CPU cores with the 3.2 dual-core or the dual 1.7s, and the 3.2s are much faster.
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