How to install a storage driver from the recovery console (Win 7)

I just installed a new motherboard and I'm getting a 0x7b BSOD on startup, because my hard drive controller is in raid mode and I moved from a mobo using the nvidia raid storage controller to one using an AMD raid storage controller.

Basically it's trying to use the wrong driver during startup, I really can't reformat right now, so I'd like to be able to install the storage driver from the console, I have the driver on the DVD, I just can't figure out how to install it, I tried copying the .sys file to system32/drivers but that didn't let it boot.

Please help
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  1. So I did a bit more digging, and I also loaded my SYSTEM registry hive and added an entry for ahcix64s.sys in /ControlSet001/Services and in /ControlSet002/Services, both pointing at the ahcix64s.sys file located in Windows/System32/drivers but it still isn't booting, I'm still getting the 0x7b.

    What am I missing?
  2. How about putting back the old MB and backing up your inportant files. Then reinstall new MB, format and reinstall Windows.
  3. I can't do this because the old motherboard no longer works, if I did I would have installled the driver before switching them
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