EVGA Nvidia 7900GT Artifact issue - Driver problem?

Ok, quick synopsys. Just built a PC at home, no problem, done it many times. I load WoW and DDO for something to do. WoW runs fine no issues at all. DDO has run fine for the past 4 days but today it has started getting artifacts in the display and suddenly cuts off the video signal to the monitor (DVI connection).

I am currently running NVidia's reference drivers; Detonator 84.21. I have DX9.0c.

I downloaded detonator v81.98 to see if it could be a driver issue conflicting with DDO.

I am running XP Home, fully updated/patched.

Any idea's of the problem? It's not heat, I've got 6 fans in the case, it sounds like an F117 taking off (I need to work on the db :p) I Also stuck a heat sensor into the heatsink on the video card and left it run under high load for an hour and checked the temp, it never went above 34C.

Soo.. Drivers? Any other possibilities? I write this on the PC with the 'problem' and have thus far had no problems.

Odd, Eh?

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  1. What is the core clock speed and the memory clock speed?

    The default core clock speed is 400MHz, but many brands overclock the core to as high as 560MHz.

    I'm not sure what the default memory clock speed is but it seems to range between 1320MHz and 1650MHz.

    Your card may overclocked too much by default. Try lowering both core and memory speeds and test it.
  2. In short what it looks like (in DDO) is that the character in the middle of the screen (the one I control) starts getting 'pulled' diagonally to the two bottom corners of the monitor randomly. Very quickly and then it goes back to normal when another area gets streched out. We're talking like two cycles a second. Also when I log out of DDO the desktop is black except for the Icons and when I try to click on anything that would force the screen to refresh (like start -> shut down) the screen goes black for a second and then comes back looking the same. At this point since I cant shut it down in software, i have to power it off using the kill switch. Once it comes back up, its happy again, until I go into DDO (Again, WoW is fine).

    I'll see what the clock speed is set to, I believe the GPU is something like 550 mhz but I am unsure what the ram is clocked to.

  3. Are you using the stock cooler on the GPU?
  4. Yep, I sure am. I noticed that the cooler was pretty crappy so I took an old CPU fan and mounted it above the video card. In effect this meant that the GPU heat sink/fan is on one side, and a big CPU fan is on the other, pointed directly at it suspended about 1 inch above. I did this with some interesting case modding.

    Anyway's I really dont think that heat is a problem since its getting heat dissapated from both sides, however I could be wrong.

  5. not sure, but this sounds like heat or volts to me - If I had this card and these problems I'd be looking to lessen the heat and increase the volts!
  6. Avman - How does one increase the Volts? I currently have the detonator drivers installed, would this be done using software that came with the video card? If so, I assume I just install it and play with it until I can change the volts? I dont think I'd have a problem buying an aftermarket GPU cooling solution, I suppose I could try that too.

  7. It should be in the BIOS under Power Management. Just turn on the PC and press the Delete key (usually) to get into the BIOS.

    You video card is already clocked pretty high and is it really hot because of the overclock. Add more voltage will make it even hotter, but may stabilize your card until it gets cooked.

    As I suggested before, start by lowering the core and memory speeds to see if that gets rid of the artifacts. Slowing down your GPU will not damage it, but adding more voltage can damage it. Set the core speed down to 450MHz and the memory speed down to 1320MHz and then go up from there. Test the core at 470MHz and memory at 1350MHz, from there go up like 10MHz at a time until you start seeing artifacts. From that point slowly tweak down.

    You can also slap on a Zalman VF700Cu or Zalman VF900Cu cooler.
  8. Not sure if this'll help ya but definitely worth checking on... I was having VERY similar problems and pulling my hair out for a couple days before I figured out what the problem was. Some games would play flawless, no problems, full settings etc, and others would hang on exit with the exact symptom you describe, black screen, then desktop shows up somewhat garbled, then anytime I'd move my mouse it would black out for a second, then come back and I needed to kill power to reboot. Other games would just crash, but yet some ran flawless......

    Come to find out, I installed the damn card in the WRONG PCI-E slot!! Make sure you have it installed in the slot closest to your PSU (usually black) it definitely makes a difference.

    just FYI: I have an evga 7900gt KO in a shuttle sn26p

    Check it out and hopefully its something this simple!!!!
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