My computer randomly plays/pauses audio/video files??

Hey guys. So I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, and my files randomly play or pause, whether it's a song, or a movie or a TV show. Sometimes it goes for hours not giving me problems, but then at some point randomly pauses and continues, either at like half second intervals, few seconds, or even like 20 seconds after it pauses, it randomly plays again.

I play them off my hard drive and off my external, it's not my external that's the problem I don't think.

I'm thinking maybe my wireless adapter is a problem? I don't know.

If I downloaded HijackThis and gave you guys or the guys there a log, would they be able to identify what's causing this, or would it just show as me clicking pause and play, because it does it by itself...

I don't have a virus, I didn't access the internet for more than a few days and I didn't go on any malicious sites, I have AV, but the wireless isn't even on and it's a new build, I know I don't have a virus.

I hope someone can help me out.
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  1. Check your CPU usage when this happens?

    It could be a bad sound driver locking up?

    Do you actually see the "pause" icon going on in the software or does it just stall and continue while the "playing" icon is still active?
  2. It actually pauses and plays, it even opens up a file randomly if Im in the folder, whats weird is sometimes it opens it up with Windows Media Player when VLC is my default player..
  3. does your keyboard have media buttons on it? maybe the "play" button on your keyb is faulty and gets pressed randomly or with other keys?

    Of course malware still could be the culprit too, did you try malwarebytes and super antispyware?
  4. I know for sure I don't have malware believe me, I've barely been on the internet on this computer and the only sites I've accessed were Google sites basically, didn't clikc on any ads or pop ups, never had a virus in my life and have gotten rid of many on other people's comps, Im the person with the wifi conn that barely even gets on.

    Anywho, yes I have a Razer Lycosa, it does have a touchpad with play/pause and other keys, how could I know if that's causing it?
  5. use another keyboard for the time being? or boot the machine and unplug it and wait a few hours to see
  6. I'm gonna get the drivers for this too. I haven't been able to get the USB port in my keyboard to work, Im guessing Im missing a driver for that too.
  7. That's a known issue with the Lycosa and cause for an RMA.
    Some people have corrected it with driver updates.
    Others not so lucky.
    Razer is well aware of the problem.
    Razer already replaced my Lycosa free of charge btw.
  8. Oh wow really? Huh.. well I installed the driver, gonna see if it does this when I run some more movies. I bought it a while back, dunno if they'll replace mine. That sucks, such a beautiful keyboard. I guess we'll see if the problem persists.
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