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I have an Enermax 80mm fan with temp control. It stops working right ow. I think it's because of the sensor. My question is how to make my fan run at maximum rpm without the sensor.
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  1. Take one new 80mm fan.
    Find black and yellow wire(Try those where are molex connector).

    You begin on the pcb.
    Just connect your new fan with one of hot instruments at the start where is connected cable that goes out of psu and on him are molex connectors.

    Black and yellow(there are two black just take one you want)

    It will then spin at maximum RPM with no termal sensor in the game.
  2. You misundertood me, I don't want to buy new fan. I want to make my temp control fan into an ordinary fan.
  3. Leave the ol one then.
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