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I have just built a P4 1.4 Mhz machine using an Asus P4T mobo.

My problem is that when the machine goes into standby & the monitor turns off (power saving), if i then move the mouse the screen comes on and displays the desktop (although sometimes it looks corrupted) i can move the mouse pointer but i cant click or do anything except reset the machine.

This ALWAYS happens and I have reinstalled Windows twice, both times on a clean HDD but this has not solved the problem.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

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  1. Click on settings/control panel/power options. Under power schemes you can select 'Always on', and under System stand by you can select 'Never'.

    I wonder...what is the speed of gravity?
  2. I actually did that at lunchtime as i live on the property where i work.

    I turned everything off except the monitor, process of elimination i guess?

    Thanks for the advice.
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