Nvidia 7900 vs. ATI X1900 HDR

I have read that the nvidia 7900 gtx has HDR. I have also read that it doesnt and that only ATI X1900XTX has it. Can anyone help me sort out this mess?
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  1. nVIDIA 7900GTX Has The HDR , But It Cant Use It When AntiAliasing Is Enable ! But ATI X1900XTX Can Use HDR & AA In The Same Time ... :evil:
  2. So which is the better buy? Especially for the future. I'm leaning toward ATI right now, but it seems to have slower frame rates in games. Even though the rates are up way past being visible, I just wonder about future games. If they're slower now, will they continue that trend on the way?
  3. It all depends on what kind of games you like. Shader heavy Direct3D games like Oblivion and Battlefield 2 love ATI cards, whilst games like Doom3 love nvidia cards. However, ATI do have the better image quality over Nvidia, with AVIVO and being able to run games with HDR+AA, something Nvidia can't do. But in the end of the day, both cards are immensely powerful things, so you just can't go wrong.
  4. the 1900 is not slower now, just in older games. Games like doom3 are still the "old" style of texture-heavy implementation, while games like oblivion are shader heavy (the "new" style)

    the 1900 architecture is very shader wheighted, and so screams on oblivion in the outdoor segments. (indoor parts favor Nv but they are more texture rich) The xbox 360 is also shader heavy (same architecture as 1900, both are ati) and it looks like devs are going to go with more shaders, as they are making more stuff for "next-gen" hardware like the 360. If this continues, the 1900 (and to lesser extent the 1800) will only get better as more games hit that type of arch and ati continues to optimise the drivers.

    The perf increase should be similar to the 9700pro as it took many revs to see the performance continually step up to newer games on that chip while games kept comming out that hit its architecture. Nv was playing catch-up there, and they may be doing the same here too.

    I have been wrong before though. ;)
  5. THANKS!!!! THis really helps me in my decision. It looks like i will probably go with the ATI. It seems like from what u have said, that more games seem to be going more toward shaders. WHich makes perfect sense. Also it does seem like Nvidia is pushing old tech to the limits, while the ATI's is still in it's infancy. I think i see big things in ATI's future. thanks again.
  6. Quote:
    Shader heavy Direct3D games like Oblivion and Battlefield 2 love ATI cards.
    Battlefield2... that's a joke; the game does not use Shader Model 3.0.
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