CHIP ANALYST Nathan Brookwood said his calculations show AMD's dollar share of the X86 chip market rose in 11 of the past thirteen financial quarters.

...He claims that AMD's dollar share rose by 210 points between Q4 2005 and Q1 2006, breaking through the 10 per cent barrier in the second quarter of 2005.
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  4. 1) This doesnt matter on this website???
    2) Everyone knew AMD was gonna see huge gains in the past 6 months because of skyrocketing server chip sells...whereas Intel is losing market.
    3) AMD is back down to $32...where it was before December...Intel is up to $20...been stuck under for a LONG time.
    4) Its not about where stocks are...but where they are going. INTC looks like they have the edge in the next generation of chips...but that is really at this time INTC is doing way more than AMD (cell phones etc.) Looks like INTC is a strong buy right now, ESPECIALLY if they beat AMD in the chip market the next few years. Of course if Dell starts using current generation AMD chips AMD will see a huge gain within the next two years.
    5) This doesnt matter on this website??
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    One piece of advice, watch out for actionman.
    Hey thats my line!
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