case/power supply for simple dual xeon server

I'm building a simple server using dual 3ghz Xeons on a Tyan 7320.
It will have three hard drives ( 2 SATA for RAID, one IDE) , a CD/R and 4gb of DDR333. I don't have a lot of space and won't need to expand it, so I'd like a minimum solution.

The "CEB" form factor and EPS12V are the only constrain that I know of. How many watts can I get by with and will cooling be ok with a mid-tower? No one seems to refer to the CEB form factor in their specs - is there another name for it?
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  1. that is a big board, I have seen it called "e-atx or extended atx" or "watx" it is 12" x 13"!

    Depending on what xeon core you have (nocona, gallatin, etc) it can pull from 275w to 375w max when I plug and chug in psu calc...

    Antec TITAN550 Server Case w/ TruePower 2.0 550W $188 shipped
    is pricey, but a nice fit.
  2. i think it's too pricey. there are better power supplies for under $120.
  3. Well the PS unit alone is $100 if you got it standalone...

    Antec TruePower 2.0 TP2-550 EPS12V ATX12V 550W
    free shipping! Awesome deal, for an additional $88 you get a nice deep case, well suited for E-ATX IMO...
  4. A Froogle search finds an Antec Titan 550 for only $122 (from except they quote the depth as being only 18.6" rather than the 23" on newegg. All other specs are the same??? Identical part numbers - anyone know if there is actually two versions of this unit, even though Antec's website only has the 23" shown?
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