What motherboard should i use to overclock a Athlon XP 2500?

I know this is an old processor but i just want to overclock it to make it faster
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  1. Ill second the Abit board. Can select high voltages (except for the chipset strangley enough) and its very stable. My xp2600+ is at 2.3ghz game stable. Fails prime95 but passes superpi.
  2. Any branded NF2 board should do just fine.
    My old Xp2500 barton + Gigabyte 7N400 Pro2 ran at XP3200 speeds straight out of the box.
    FSB was set to run at 400 right on its initial run without extra voltage.

    But I dont know where you can get NF2 boards these day though, I can only think of buying them second hand.
  3. You got your cpu to run at fsb 400 with no voltage increase??? My fsb is at 400 and i had to increase the voltage to 1.9v
  4. Thats true as the my gigabyte 7N400 Pro2 's limited BIOS settings restricted the CPU to be clocked any higher.
    Running at Xp3200 speeds was pretty much maxed out for that board already!!!
    ABIT is the way to go if you're looking to go even further.
  5. IT has no equal.

    I know, it's already been noted, but it's such a damn good board. However, finding one new might prove a challenge. There are a few on eBay. Make sure you look for the NF7-S Version 2.0 and NOT the NF7-S2. You can easily tell the difference because the NF7-S V2.0 has active cooling on the northbridge and the NF7-S2 does not.
  6. Yeah I will give it a try on ebay just to see if i can find one of those motherboards
  7. Am suprised the motherboards are really expensive still, I'll rather buy a new processor and motherboard combo
  8. The Soltek K7 FRN-RL is cheap, but was ranged in the first 5 for perfromance and overclock.
    I used them and I have one system that is still running(4 years) with that motherboard and Barton 2800+ 2083MHz overclocked to 2.5GHz. Anyway that system is so loud, has 2 fans in the case and cooper noisy cooler.

    If you can sell that Barton and buy any NF3 motherboard and Sempron 2800+ you will get much more better and faster system that produces less heat, even overclocked and therefore less noise.
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