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I just read that BF2 64 bit LAN party article and now I'm confused. I thought that you couldn't have a LAN game with over 16 people. Is there a new 64 bit BF2, or were they just running bf2 on 64 bit machines?

If somebody ever comes up with a mod to allow bots on your lan game, then I'll buy this game. That was the best part about bf1942 imho.
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  1. Chances are they probably were hosting their own server, which lets you do whatever.

    There is a single player to the game.. or you could make your own server for a lan party and play with your friends.. and have people from the internet come in.
  2. you can have 64 players in bf2

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  3. 64Bit?

    Haha - You went to a LAN party!

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  4. They were probably playing BF2 on Windows 64 bit. Older games would only allow up to 16 people.. BF2 and a few other games allow up to 64 now-a-days.

    Games like Planetside, which are FPS also, are MMOG.. meaning multiple servers are joined together, allowing far more players.
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