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Just to explain my setup I currently have 2 x Internet connections coming into my house via a Wayleave and both being different speeds. In my main room I have my Xbox 360 connected to my Sony Bravia TV and my Computer which are both connected to a Netgear router (non-wireless) which is receiving 2 Meg and cannot be changed for whatever reason. In the study I have 50 Meg connected to another Netgear router (wireless) which is broadcasting for the rest of the family over the house.

My issue is I have recently just bought a Netgear N wireless dongle to connect to the Wireless connection so my PC is using the 50 Meg and not the 2 Meg however I want to keep the computer connected to the wired router as well so I can stream videos via TVersity to my Xbox and TV so in other words I need to change the Wired network to Local only. Its not an option to simply pull the 2 Meg as that is used for the Xbox 360 and buying a wireless dongle for the 360 is not really an option.

Does anyone know how I might be able to make Windows 7 64-bit connect Local Only to the Wired network and receive the internet Via the Wireless!

Thanks for the Help!!

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  1. Unfortunately, I think computers by default can only connect to one network, even if both your ethernet and wifi are connected. Maybe Windows 7's virtual NIC functionality can help you with this?
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